Tuesday, July 14, 2015

weekend recap: wedding season

A couple of weekends ago, 
D and I drove to South Carolina to attend the wedding of one of our favorite couples ... 
Cate and Barrett. 

Cate and Barrett are two of the founding members of Wine Club. 
{posts about that here & here}

It was a beautiful wedding held in downtown Beaufort, SC.  
The ceremony was at the Beaufort Inn's Garden. 
And then the reception was at the Old Bay Marketplace Loft. 
Everything was just gorgeous! 
It was windy on the rooftop
Cate and Barrett asked D to perform their first dance song. 
He was honored to sing that special song for them. 
He did an acoustic version of Hold My Hand by Hootie & The Blowfish. 
And he did a spectacular job! 
{Y'all, I get to marry him!}

The band liked his performance so much that they pulled him up on stage later in the evening to sing with them. 
It really does not take much arm-twisting to get D up on a stage. 
He is a natural performer. 
{D performing Uptown Funk with the band}

After all the excitement on Saturday, 
D and I did a bunch of nothing on Sunday. 
My introverted brain needed to recharge. 
I am so thankful for a guy that just gets that about me! 

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend.  

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Monday, July 6, 2015

weekend recap: july 4th edition

As many of my long-time readers know, 
July 4th is my favorite day of the year. 
You can find previous recaps here, here, & here

This weekend started on Thursday for me. 
Yay for four day weekends! 

Fourth of July mani

Thursday, we celebrated D's little sister, M's birthday. 
She turned 19 on Thursday. 

Friday, I had lunch with my two best friends. 
It was the first time all three of us were able to get together since Christmas. 
So, it was way overdue. 
We definitely talked wedding plans. 
I miss seeing these two every day! 

Friday night, D and I had supper with his parents & sister; 
then we watched fireworks in a neighboring town. 

Saturday, we spent the day at the pool with D's extended family. 
We ate way to much but it was a great, relaxing day. 
Outfit of the day 

I am sometimes called the "kid whisperer." ;)

I baked snickerdoodles & a cheesecake. 
Both were a hit with the crowd, 
we only had one piece of cheesecake leftover. 

Isn't my niece the cutest?!

Saturday night, we went and watched our town's fireworks show. 
They did a really great job this year. 
It was an excellent show. 

Sunday, we had supper with D's family on his dad's side. 

Overall, it was such a fabulous weekend. 
It definitely lived up to previous year's Fourth weekends. 

How did y'all celebrate the Fourth? 
For my non-American readers, I hope y'all still had a great weekend too. :D 

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Monday, June 8, 2015

weekend recap: all about the emma awards 2015

This weekend was all about the Emma Awards. 
I wrote about last year's Emma's here
The Emma's are our community theater's version of the Tony's. 

D was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Little Shop of Horrors and Best Actor for The Importance of Being Earnest. 

Friday night, D's cast mates from Earnest had a small pre-Emma's party. 
I am not a party person, but it really was a lot of fun. 
There were only 8 people at the party, so it was small and we had way to much food. 
But we ate and talked until midnight. 
I had an in-depth conversation about Doctor Who with some fellow Whovians. 
That was my favorite part of the evening. :) 

Saturday night,was the awards show. 
D won Best Supporting Actor! 
I was so proud of him. 
He also performed twice during the awards show. 
Weirdly, I always get nervous when he preforms and he is calm as a lark. 
Of course, I think he should have won both awards he was nominated for, but you can't win them all ... I guess. ;) 

Sunday, D and I had a true lazy day. 
We watched tv all day 
and then had supper with his parents. 
When we got home from supper 
we had brownies and ice cream for dessert. 
The perfect end to a lazy Sunday. 

Have any of you ever won an award for anything? 

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Monday, June 1, 2015

weekend recap

This weekend was pretty laid back for me. 
D was helping some friends move in Savannah. 
So I had the weekend to myself. 

Friday: I went shopping for a dress to wear to the Emma Awards next weekend.  
D has been nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. 

Saturday: We officially have a photographer for the wedding! 
I met with Jess and signed the contract. 
I have known Jess for 9 years now. 
I am so thankful to have a photographer that knows me well. 
I hate having my picture taken and I know she will put me at ease. 

That afternoon, Jess, her sister, and I went shopping. 
A new outlet mall opened a few weeks ago in a nearby town. 
This place is going to be trouble. 
They have a Converse Outlet store and a Vera Bradley Outlet store. 
I bought 2 new pairs of Converse. 
Because you can NEVER have too many Converse! 

Sunday: I went grocery shopping, read a book, and started Reign on Netflix. 
A true lazy Sunday. 

Hope y'all had a great weekend! 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wedding wednesday #1: book arch

The venue has been chosen 
and the wedding date has been picked 
April 30, 2016

That means I have almost a full year to bore y'all with wedding posts. 
But let's face it, 
with the way I post that will be like 6 posts. 

This post is all about this awesome book arch I found on Pinterest. 
I would LOVE to incorporate this into my ceremony. 
However, there is one small problem. 
My book-loving heart cannot murder destroy this many books. 

Do y'all have any ideas how to do this without harming the books?! 
I am thinking that as much as I love the look of this arch, 
it will not be in my wedding. :( 

This is the other option I really like for the ceremony focal point. 
{and it doesn't kill any books} 
What are some other ways I could incorporate books into the decor? 

Monday, May 11, 2015

weekend recap: the one where i get engaged

{This actually happened three weekends ago.}

Y'all, I am ENGAGED! 

April 25th was our two year anniversary. 
We decided to go to Asheville, NC and the Biltmore Estate 
to celebrate our anniversary. 
I never in a million years thought we would get engaged on this trip. 
In hindsight, it was the perfect time to get engaged, 
I was just expecting it later in the year. 

I was all prepared to blog about the trip, the food, and the Biltmore. 
Planning posts in my head during the trip. 
The food was delicious. 
The Biltmore was beautiful. 
The trip was amazing! 
But for now, I will fast forward to the important part. 

We had heard that Biltmore on Saturdays are crazy busy. 
So, we did the Biltmore on Friday. 
Don't get excited just yet, 
I did not get engaged at the Biltmore. 
Most people would think that the Biltmore would be the perfect setting for a romantic proposal. 
And for most women it would be a dream come true. 
Luckily, for me, D knows me so much better than that. 

I am an introvert to the max and 
HATE being the center of attention. 
D knew that I would not enjoy a public proposal. 

Saturday was our actual anniversary. 
The weather had been beautiful the entire trip, 
but, of course, it was raining Saturday morning. 
Which messed up D's plans a little bit. 
He had planned to propose that morning while we were 
out exploring Asheville; 
maybe on a mountain overlook or downtown. 
I do not think he had an exact plan in mind. 
But when he saw that it was raining, 
he decided to do it in the hotel room. 

And I am so glad he did. 
It was a private, special moment just between the two of us. 
No, I  do not have a picture of THE moment he proposed. 
{Much to the disappoint of D's sister. ;)}
But that is okay with me. 
The proposal fit our relationship to a tee. 
It was simple and perfect! 

Now let the wedding planning begin! 

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Monday, February 16, 2015

weekend recap ... theater edition

Happy 2015 y'all! 
Yep, this is my first post of 2015. 
Let's jump right in. 

Warning: There will be mushy stuff in this post. 
In fact, this entire post will consist of bragging on my 
significant other. 
And it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. 

This weekend D was in a production of 
The Importance of Being Earnest
He played the main character, Algernon. 
And he was BRILLIANT
And yes, that is a biased opinion. 
But it was corroborated by many unbiased opinions in the community. 

In fact, the entire cast was excellent. 
They really did Oscar Wilde's most famous play justice. 

Every time I see D on stage, 
whether it is acting or singing, 
I am amazed. 
He is so talented and deserves to be discovered. 
If any of you know any big-time Hollywood agents, 
send them our way. ;) 

D looking very dapper in a 3 piece suit
I saw the play twice this weekend. 
Once on Friday night and then again on Sunday afternoon. 
Sunday, before the play, an Oscar Wilde scholar led a short discussion at the theater about Wilde's life. 
It was fascinating. 
And confirmed the fact that I am a true geek. ;) 

I hope all of you had a fantastic Valentine's weekend. 
(Whether you celebrate or not.) 
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