Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wedding wednesday #1: book arch

The venue has been chosen 
and the wedding date has been picked 
April 30, 2016

That means I have almost a full year to bore y'all with wedding posts. 
But let's face it, 
with the way I post that will be like 6 posts. 

This post is all about this awesome book arch I found on Pinterest. 
I would LOVE to incorporate this into my ceremony. 
However, there is one small problem. 
My book-loving heart cannot murder destroy this many books. 

Do y'all have any ideas how to do this without harming the books?! 
I am thinking that as much as I love the look of this arch, 
it will not be in my wedding. :( 

This is the other option I really like for the ceremony focal point. 
{and it doesn't kill any books} 
What are some other ways I could incorporate books into the decor? 

Monday, May 11, 2015

weekend recap: the one where i get engaged

{This actually happened three weekends ago.}

Y'all, I am ENGAGED! 

April 25th was our two year anniversary. 
We decided to go to Asheville, NC and the Biltmore Estate 
to celebrate our anniversary. 
I never in a million years thought we would get engaged on this trip. 
In hindsight, it was the perfect time to get engaged, 
I was just expecting it later in the year. 

I was all prepared to blog about the trip, the food, and the Biltmore. 
Planning posts in my head during the trip. 
The food was delicious. 
The Biltmore was beautiful. 
The trip was amazing! 
But for now, I will fast forward to the important part. 

We had heard that Biltmore on Saturdays are crazy busy. 
So, we did the Biltmore on Friday. 
Don't get excited just yet, 
I did not get engaged at the Biltmore. 
Most people would think that the Biltmore would be the perfect setting for a romantic proposal. 
And for most women it would be a dream come true. 
Luckily, for me, D knows me so much better than that. 

I am an introvert to the max and 
HATE being the center of attention. 
D knew that I would not enjoy a public proposal. 

Saturday was our actual anniversary. 
The weather had been beautiful the entire trip, 
but, of course, it was raining Saturday morning. 
Which messed up D's plans a little bit. 
He had planned to propose that morning while we were 
out exploring Asheville; 
maybe on a mountain overlook or downtown. 
I do not think he had an exact plan in mind. 
But when he saw that it was raining, 
he decided to do it in the hotel room. 

And I am so glad he did. 
It was a private, special moment just between the two of us. 
No, I  do not have a picture of THE moment he proposed. 
{Much to the disappoint of D's sister. ;)}
But that is okay with me. 
The proposal fit our relationship to a tee. 
It was simple and perfect! 

Now let the wedding planning begin! 

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Monday, February 16, 2015

weekend recap ... theater edition

Happy 2015 y'all! 
Yep, this is my first post of 2015. 
Let's jump right in. 

Warning: There will be mushy stuff in this post. 
In fact, this entire post will consist of bragging on my 
significant other. 
And it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. 

This weekend D was in a production of 
The Importance of Being Earnest
He played the main character, Algernon. 
And he was BRILLIANT
And yes, that is a biased opinion. 
But it was corroborated by many unbiased opinions in the community. 

In fact, the entire cast was excellent. 
They really did Oscar Wilde's most famous play justice. 

Every time I see D on stage, 
whether it is acting or singing, 
I am amazed. 
He is so talented and deserves to be discovered. 
If any of you know any big-time Hollywood agents, 
send them our way. ;) 

D looking very dapper in a 3 piece suit
I saw the play twice this weekend. 
Once on Friday night and then again on Sunday afternoon. 
Sunday, before the play, an Oscar Wilde scholar led a short discussion at the theater about Wilde's life. 
It was fascinating. 
And confirmed the fact that I am a true geek. ;) 

I hope all of you had a fantastic Valentine's weekend. 
(Whether you celebrate or not.) 
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Friday, December 12, 2014

christmas decor 2014

Hey y'all! 
Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner's 
It was just the push I needed to get pictures taken of my decor this year. 

My favorite thing in my house is in my library, of course. 
This year I did my first book tree. 
It was super simple to do and only took about 10 minutes. 
I cannot believe I have never tried it before. 

I decided not to do a big tree this year. 
I will be a D's house the week before and week after Christmas. 
So, it didn't make a lot of sense to have two big trees. 
My wonderful landlord gave me this live tree that I can plant after the holidays 
and it was perfect. 

Every year I have to do a different wrapping theme. 
If anyone needs any wrapping paper, 
I have PLENTY to choose from. ;) 
I really liked this brown paper look this year. 

Moving on to my main living space ...  
I have a wooden beam that runs the length of my apartment. 
And this is my second favorite part of my Christmas decor. 
I hung the ornaments with fishing line and it looks like they are just floating in space. 

I love the look of this tray 

It is so hard to get a picture of the whole beam

I got all of my decorations from Hobby Lobby. 
That place gets me every time. 
I swear I cannot walk out of that place without spending $50. 

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Monday, November 24, 2014

weekend - christmas decorating

D and I met both of his siblings new special someones. 
I really liked them both. 
Especially his sister's new boyfriend, 
he is a fellow Seminole fan. 
Go Noles! 

Then D and I had wine club at IvyT's house. 
It was a ton of fun as usual. 
We hung out on IvyT's awesome porch until 1:00 AM talking and listening to music. 
Then D and I made a late night early morning trip to Walmart. 
Because I planned to spend all day Sunday in my PJs decorating for Christmas. 

the Wild Turkey was for me :) 

I caved and decorated for Christmas this weekend. 
I typically do not decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. 
This year I will be at D's for Thanksgiving and the weekend after. 
So, I decided to decorate my apartment yesterday. 

This is my first Christmas in my apartment and it was so much fun decorating it with D. 
I was too tired to take pictures once we were finished! 
But I did get one that shows what colors I'm using. 

I put on Christmas music and had chili in the Crockpot for supper. 
D had to make an emergency run to Walmart for more Christmas lights. ;) 
I really love the way it looks! 
I promise I will get pictures posted before Christmas. 

Since I probably will not post again before Thanksgiving. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Eat plenty of turkey and pie and 
just love on your friends and family! 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

weekend recap

Hey y'all! 
This past weekend was jam packed with stuff 
and it would be a shame not to share. 
Fall really is my favorite time of the year. 
Even if it is supposed to be 90 here today. 
A friend posted this on FB yesterday. 
C'mon Georgia get with the program. 
However, last weekend's weather was gorgeous and very fall-like ... 
cool temps, breezy, and beautiful. 

My weekend started on Thursday last week because it was FAIR time. 
As all of my long-time readers know the fair is when fall officially begins for me. 
My previous fair posts are here and here
D and I were joined by his family (mom, dad, brother, & sister). 
We rode the ferris wheel, ate funnel cakes (among other things), and people watched. 
We had so much fun! 

D's brother's birthday was Friday and he wanted to go to Haunted Montrose to celebrate. 
This was my 2nd year going to Montrose with D's family. 
I loved it just as much this year. 
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. 
I love all things spooky and haunted and CANDY! 

D and I went to a Halloween party Saturday night. 
D's cousin and her husband throw an annual Halloween Bash. 
Everyone dresses up and has a lot of fun! 
This was my first year going and I really enjoyed it. 
It's great that I enjoy D's family (and that they like me!) 
because we basically spent all weekend together. 
I was the Tardis and D was Captain Jack Sparrow. 
Only one person knew who I was at the party and she only knew because a friend of hers watches Doctor Who. 
Talk about disappointing. 
People need to up their geek game. ;)

I needed a lazy day after the excitement of the previous days. 
I had fun but my introvert brain was lagging. 
So, D and I did a bunch of nothing Sunday morning ... 
drank coffee, cooked french toast, and lounged on the couch. 
Sunday afternoon, we went shooting. 
I got a new Smith & Wesson 9mm last week and needed some target practice with it. 

Overall, it was a really great weekend! 
I love making new memories with D and his family. 
It is weird that we are now doing things for a second time around ... 
like Montrose and the fair. 
Saturday, D and I had been dating for 18 months. 
A year and a half has just flown by! 

I hope y'all had a great weekend as well! 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

life has been busy

Hey y'all! 

A lot has been happening since the last time I checked in. 
  • I got a NEW JOB! I started my new job on September 1st. I am still at the university, just in a different department. I am loving it so far. I am in culture shock a little bit. My new office is so laid back and all of the people are super nice, completely the opposite of my old office. 
  • My best friend (of 20 years) got an awesome new job and moved 4.5 hours away. Very bittersweet. 
  • I have not mentioned this on the blog yet, but D is carrying on a tradition in his family. He has taken over his family's BBQ sauce business. He FINALLY got the last piece of the long and frustrating government requirement puzzle today ... inspection of his facility. The inspector wants a few small things changed. But D is one step closer to full production.  
  • {Small Rant Ahead} I am sure it is all state governments, but trying to navigate Georgia bureaucracy to get all of this stuff approved is like moving through mud. They do not get into a hurry for anything and dealing with multiple offices has been a nightmare. D has literally gotten contradictory information for the same question from different offices ... multiple times. Ridiculous. But it is necessary to deal with them. So, you do what you have to do. I'll post more information about the sauce (probably a blog post by itself) in the next couple of weeks. 
  • In other news, I found out that I have to get my wisdom teeth removed. The surgery is scheduled for October 2nd. Not looking forward to that.  
I am not going to promise that I will be around more often, because who knows. But I will update again soon. Thanks for stopping by!