Monday, October 21, 2013

mani monday

A few weeks ago, 
I purchased OPI's new 
San Francisco Collection. 
And, so far, I have not been disappointed 
by any of the colors. 
I am still loving the Liquid Sand! 
Here are a few of my most recent manicures using the new collection. 

Alcatraz...Rocks, Haven't the Foggiest,
& Purple with a Purpose(not part of the SanFran collection)

Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!, Keeping Suzi at Bay,
& Haven't the Foggiest
It's All San Andreas's Fault
This has become my new favorite neutral!
It is a really pretty taupe ...
and not as brown as it appears in this pic. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

the one where the bestie turns 30

Today is my best friends 30th birthday! 
To celebrate this milestone birthday, 
I threw her a backyard birthday bash this past Saturday. 
The theme was blue & green chevron. 

The bestie's favorite dessert is red velvet. 
The star of the party was the dessert table. 
It, of course, had a red velvet theme. 
I baked a red velvet cheesecake cake, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese filling, red velvet brownies with white chocolate buttercream, red velvet cake donuts, and red velvet white chocolate chip cookies. 

It ended up being a fabulous party! 
Great food, great music, and, most importantly, great friends! 

Get ready for a picture overload. 
Unfortunately, in all the madness Saturday, I forgot to charge my camera. 
So, all of the pics are from cell phones and the quality is not that great. 

Invitations by Little Law Prints
Kristen was so great to work with!
If you are planning a party, you definitely need to check out her site. 

The Setup

The Dessert Table
Love this table! 

Birthday Cake

Yes, that is 30 candles. 

Red Velvet Donuts

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Top & bottom: Red Velvet Brownies
Center: Red Velvet Cookies 

The Food 

Please pardon the fly...
it is South Georgia

The Drinks

The Entertainment

Monday, October 7, 2013

family visits

This weekend I took D to the farm to visit my family for the first time. 
To say I was nervous is definitely an understatemet. 
D was not really nervous at all. 
I am always jealous of his ability to just take things as they come. 
I tend to over-analyze every single new situation in our relationship. 
He is a great influence for me in that aspect. 

Overall, the weekend went really well. 
We stayed with a close friend of mine that just had a baby 11 weeks ago. 
Baby Luke is a sweetheart and I loved catching up on my baby snuggles. 
Isn't he adorable?!
Friday night, D and I visited with my sister and her family. 
Then we took my neices and nephew out for supper and ice cream. 
The girls (ages 13 & 15) loved him. 
D had them laughing all evening. 
Nash (3) was pretty quiet at first but warmed up to him eventually. 

After we dropped the kiddos off at my sister's, 
we stopped by the farm to see my Aunt and brothers. 
That visit seemed to go fairly well; definitely better than I expected. 
Both of my brothers tend to be overprotective and D is the first guy I have ever brought home to meet them. 
Both of my brothers were pleasant and did not give him the third degree. 
None of the tough guy brother stuff I was expecting. 
It probably helped that D did not meet both of them at the same time. 
That was the visit I was worried about the most and it went well. 
I was able to breathe a lot easier the rest of the weekend. 

Saturday, we explored the Downtown area of a neighboring city. 
Then we went back to my friend's house and spent some time shooting. 
My friend's husband has one of my favortie gun collections 
and he always lets me shoot some pretty cool guns. 

The weekend ended up being surprisingly relaxing. 
I loved seeing D interacting with my family and friends. 
It just added another layer to our still new relationship. 
A guy can only meet your family for the first time once. 
I am definitely relieved that the first meeting is done and over! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

quick update

I know things have been pretty silent in my 
little corner of the web. 
Life has just been crazy lately and I have neglected the blog. 

There have been a few big changes happen this year. 
The biggest being... I have been dating a guy for 5 months now. 
This relationship has been a complete surprise for me. 
I was always the girl completely content to be single. 
I honestly never thought I would be any good in a relationship. 
And it is starting to get to the point where I could not imagine my life without this guy. 
{Good Grief! I sound like a school girl.} 
It is just crazy for me to wrap my mind around still. 
We are both taking things slowly and, lucky for me, he seems to understand that I need to be cautious and over think every step of this relationship. 
It is definitely okay to feel sorry for him. ;)

On the weight loss front, I have FINALLY reached my goal weight. 
I am actually 5 pounds below my goal weight. 
Which means that since I have started my "get healthy" journey, 
I have lost a total of 80 pounds! 
I have not calculated the total inches lost, 
but just this year, so far, I have lost a total of 35 inches overall. 
It is definitely going to be different just trying to maintain where I am currently. 

I am still not "skinny," but I am healthy. 
And that was, and continues to be, my main goal. 
Besides I like cake too much to be too skinny! 

So, for any of you who still visit this corner of the web, 
what has been going on in your life recently? 
I would love to catch up with y'all!