Tuesday, April 23, 2013

shopping is not fun

Well, shopping when I absolutely have 
to buy something is not fun. 

The mission this past weekend was shirts. 
Because I have lost a good bit of weight, 
all of my shirts have 
started to look like potato sacks on me. 

I have bought a few pair of pants 
here and there, 
but I have been able to make my 
shirts work for the most part 
until recently. 

I hate shopping when I have to buy something. 
Typically, I can NEVER find 
what I am looking for. 
Luckily, this shopping trip 
was not too bad. 

My friends and I went to Savannah 
Saturday afternoon. 
Our first stop was Target and 
I just found 1 tshirt. 
Then we stopped at Khol's 
and I did not find anything at all. 
So, that was a little discouraging. 

Then we decided to go to the mall. 
I found two shirts at Old Navy. 
And then hit the jackpot at 
New York & Company. 

They were having a great sale 
and I found a shirt that I just loved 
and it was appropriate for work. 
My solution to the shirt problem was solved. 
I bought the shirt in every color they had. 
Yes, I bought 9 shirts that are exactly the same! 

Have you had any shopping dilemma's lately?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

spring decor

I finally got the house decorated 
for Spring. 
For some reason, 
I went with a pinwheel theme. 
I even made my own pinwheels. 
They were super easy to make. 
I may do a "how-to" post. 
Here is the result... 


{Table Centerpiece}

{Living room}


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

rodeo time

One of my favorite weekends of the year 
was this past weekend. 
The rodeo was in town! 
Second to the fair, 
the rodeo is my favorite annual activity 
in our little city. 
I had a blast watching all of the events. 
As usual, barrel racing & bull riding 
were my favorite. 

Boiled peanuts & a funnel cake were a necessity! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

chili cook off 2013

Yesterday, our department at work 
competed in a Chili Cook Off 
with the other departments in our division. 
I was on the team 
along with 4 other coworkers. 
Our theme was 
Chillin' with Sasquatch. 
A play on the Messin' with Sasquatch 
Jack Links beef jerky commercials. 
{If you have never seen one of those commercials, 
do yourself a favor and YouTube it} 

One of the guys in our office 
actually dressed up as Sasquatch; 
it was awesome! 
The rest of us had t-shirts made. 
We were the Southern Squatchers. 

We had a ton of fun and 
we won 1st place for our Chili 
in the Traditional Chili category and 
we won 2nd place for theme! 
{We were robbed, I tell ya}
Here are a few pictures of our set up! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

opening day

Baseball is finally back! 
Opening day was
yesterday and
the Braves won!
Great start to the season.
I wish I could have gone to the game.
But I had a prior engagement...work. 
1 game down, only 161 to go. 

Source: talkingchop.com via liz on Pinterest

Also, JG @ Me and My Soldierman 
is celebrating her 4th blogging anniversary 
by having an awesome giveaway. 
You should definitely check it out

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

I cooked Easter supper 
for my friends 
Sunday night. 
This was the first time 
I cooked Easter by myself. 
I have helped my Aunt 
cook it many times 
in the past. 
So, I was a little worried. 
But everything turned out great! 
My menu included: 
baked ham, 
mashed potatoes, 
macaroni and cheese, 
deviled eggs, 
cornbread, &
chocolate cake w/ chocolate butter cream 
for dessert. 
I was most worried about 
the mac & cheese 
because it was a new recipe. 
I tried to do the copycat version 
of Panera's mac & cheese. 
Recipe found here
It turned out pretty good. 
It was super rich! 
I will definitely tweak the recipe next time. 

How was your Easter weekend?