Monday, November 24, 2014

weekend - christmas decorating

D and I met both of his siblings new special someones. 
I really liked them both. 
Especially his sister's new boyfriend, 
he is a fellow Seminole fan. 
Go Noles! 

Then D and I had wine club at IvyT's house. 
It was a ton of fun as usual. 
We hung out on IvyT's awesome porch until 1:00 AM talking and listening to music. 
Then D and I made a late night early morning trip to Walmart. 
Because I planned to spend all day Sunday in my PJs decorating for Christmas. 

the Wild Turkey was for me :) 

I caved and decorated for Christmas this weekend. 
I typically do not decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. 
This year I will be at D's for Thanksgiving and the weekend after. 
So, I decided to decorate my apartment yesterday. 

This is my first Christmas in my apartment and it was so much fun decorating it with D. 
I was too tired to take pictures once we were finished! 
But I did get one that shows what colors I'm using. 

I put on Christmas music and had chili in the Crockpot for supper. 
D had to make an emergency run to Walmart for more Christmas lights. ;) 
I really love the way it looks! 
I promise I will get pictures posted before Christmas. 

Since I probably will not post again before Thanksgiving. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Eat plenty of turkey and pie and 
just love on your friends and family! 

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