Thursday, May 12, 2016

the wedding & jamaica

Hey y'all! 
I got married! 

The wedding was gorgeous and absolutely perfect. 
I will post the professional pictures when I get them. 
All of the ones in today's post will be cell phone pics. 

As great as the wedding was I am so glad it is over and I never have to do that again. 
This introvert was on people overload by the end of the weekend. 

The one thing people keep telling us is that they have never been to a sweeter ceremony or seen a wedding that "just fit" the couple so well. 
So, I call that a success. 

D and I wrote the entire ceremony, 
including our vows. 
We wanted to make the entire wedding as personal as possible. 
focal point of the ceremony ... i was stringing lights for 5 hours

my bouquet 

wedding party selfie ... right before showtime

we FINALLY got to sit down at the reception

my guest globe instead of a guest book

you know your photographer loves you when she agrees to a selfie 

end of the day ... we were both happy & exhausted 

sneak peek from our photographer
j. leigh captures

D and I went to Jamaica on our honeymoon. 
We stayed at the Couples Tower Isle resort in Ocho Rios. 
Let me tell you, all-inclusive is the way to go. 

The resort was really great. 
It had something for everyone. 
You could sit on the beach or by the pool for an entire week. 
Or you could stay busy the entire time with activities. 

We mostly sat on the beach with a few activities thrown in. 
Exactly what we need after the craziness of the wedding. 

view from our room 

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