Thursday, June 2, 2016

may 2016 recap

What's New With You

May had some really high highs and super low lows. 

Of course, May started with my awesome honeymoon

Then my oldest niece graduated from high school. 
I feel like a second mom to her and I cried at the ceremony. 
I am beyond proud of her! 

The low part of the month was ANOTHER wreck
If you remember back in February someone pulled out in front of me and totaled my brand new car. 
Well, on the way to my niece's graduation, someone rear-ended me 
and totaled our Explorer. 
This is two cars totaled in three months and neither were my fault. 
I told D that I am getting gun-shy driving. 
It's like I have a big target on me somewhere! 
And it does not help that I commute to work 45 minutes, each way. 

We spent Memorial day by the pool with family. 
We have two brand new babies in the family and it is so much fun getting baby snuggles. 
However, it is not so fun getting asked REPEATEDLY when you are going to have one. 
I wanted to scream, 
"We have only been married one month!!!" 

So, from the honeymoon to another totaled vehicle. 
It sure has been a crazy month!