Thursday, December 17, 2015

engagement pictures

Y'all, I am so lucky to have such a talented photog friend. 
Jess and I have been friends for almost ten years now. 
I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. 
And encouraged her when she was contemplating starting her own photography business. 
She has been a professional photographer for several years now 
and she has mad skills. ;) 

At the end of October she came out to mine and D's house and did our engagement session around our property. 
They turned out way better than I thought they would. 
I am not comfortable AT ALL in front of the camera. 
But Jess knows that about me and she worked to make me as comfortable as possible. 
I never should have doubted Jess. 
Lesson learned. 

Everyone should check out Jess's website: 

Now let's get to the good part ... the pictures. 

I narrowed it down to eleven.
It is so hard for me to pick a favorite.
Which one do you like best?

You can also check out Jess's blog about our session here:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

wedding wednesday: the honeymoon

We have booked our honeymoon! 
(insert happy dance here)
Is it bad that I am more excited about the honeymoon than I am about the wedding?! 
My introvert brain is dreading the socializing part of the wedding day (and being the center of attention). 
But that same introvert brain is LOVING the idea of an entire week with D and I relaxing on a beach and drinking rum. 
You will find me right here :)
We have booked the Couples Tower Isle resort in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. 
We worked with a wonderful travel agent, Trista, that helped us find a great deal. 
Do any of you have any experience with a Couples Resort or with a Jamaican vacation? 
I would love any tips! 

Neither D or I have ever been to an all-inclusive resort. 
We have friends that swear it is the only way to vacation. 
D and I both like to explore when we travel. 
But we decided to just go the more relaxation route with the honeymoon. 
I'm sure it will be a nice change of pace after the wedding craziness. 

Where did you go (or want to go) on your honeymoon? 

Monday, September 14, 2015

weekend recap: mountain vacation in pictures

I spent 4 glorious days in the Georgia mountains this past weekend 
and it was amazing. 
Why do Mondays have to happen?! 

D's family decided to do a quick family vacation to the mountains. 
It was my first family vacation with his entire immediate family. 
It went fabulously. 
I am seriously getting the best in-laws ever! 
I am looking forward to many more family vacations in the future. 

Our Cabin 

Helen, GA 

We hiked up to see Anna Ruby Falls. 

Selfie at the top of the mountain! 
We had fun playing games at the cabin. 
Monopoly lasted forever. ;) 

D's brother won! 
Before we came home on Sunday, 
we stopped by Babyland. 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

wedding wednesday: shoes & an update

First, I just want to say that I have started 
my advising schedule for the year, 
which sucks my free time. 
So, posting will not happen super often. 
I know ... Surprise, Surprise. ;) 


Y'all, I got my wedding shoes this week. 
I love them! 

Of course, I am wearing Converse with my wedding dress. 
Speaking of the wedding dress. 
I have not even started dress shopping. 
I absolutely dread it! 

I hate shopping. 
I really just want to buy it online. 
But EVERYONE else wants me to try on dresses in a store. 
I will probably compromise 
and do the whole dress trying on thing with my girls, 
but, then, still buy the dress I want online. 

Other than that, planning is going excellently. 
We are getting our engagement pictures done next month. 
So, I have decided that we will combine our Save the Dates with our Christmas cards. 
Gotta save that money! 

We have finally narrowed down our invitations. 
Here is a sneak peak of the style, 
with our wedding monogram: 

Okay y'all! 
Did anyone else out there dread the wedding dress experience? 
Or did you love the dress shopping experience? 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

i am engaged to a celebrity

Here is your daily dose of randomness ... you're welcome. 

Y'all, I am engaged to a local celebrity. 
Yesterday at lunch, a well-dressed gentleman approached our table and told D that he enjoyed him in The Importance of Being Earnest. 
That play was in February. 
Apparently, D's performance was super memorable! 

Of course, I am proud of him and 
I always think he does an excellent job. 
But it always surprises me when strangers approach us. 
And this was just too amusing not to share! 
It happened completely out of the blue. 

If D keeps up this acting/singing thing, 
I am going to have to watch out for paparazzi in the future. 
Anybody know where 
I can get an over-sized pair of sunglasses from?! ;) 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

the one where i turn 31

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. 
And despite the fact that I had to work, 
it was pretty fantastic. 
Bday presents from awesome friends
I was in a meeting all day. (blah) 
But I did get to leave right when the meeting was over. 
Yay for getting off 2 hours early. 

D took me to the movies after work. 
We saw Ant Man. 
It was not as good as the other Marvel movies, 
but still fun. 

After the movie, 
we had ice cream. 
Because on you birthday you get to eat dessert first. 
It's in the rule book! 

Then we ate mexican food for supper. 
So, pretty much the perfect night out. 
movie + ice cream + spicy stuff = perfection  

I had to be at work today, 
so we made it an early night in. 
But today is my Friday! 
I do not have to be back at work until next Tuesday. 
D got me a Dancing Groot to add to my office collection. 
This Saturday I will be having the "official" birthday dinner, 
with an ice cream cake, of course. 

Follow me on Instagram for all of the birthday adventures. 
Now let's get this work day over with!