Wednesday, October 21, 2015

wedding wednesday: the honeymoon

We have booked our honeymoon! 
(insert happy dance here)
Is it bad that I am more excited about the honeymoon than I am about the wedding?! 
My introvert brain is dreading the socializing part of the wedding day (and being the center of attention). 
But that same introvert brain is LOVING the idea of an entire week with D and I relaxing on a beach and drinking rum. 
You will find me right here :)
We have booked the Couples Tower Isle resort in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. 
We worked with a wonderful travel agent, Trista, that helped us find a great deal. 
Do any of you have any experience with a Couples Resort or with a Jamaican vacation? 
I would love any tips! 

Neither D or I have ever been to an all-inclusive resort. 
We have friends that swear it is the only way to vacation. 
D and I both like to explore when we travel. 
But we decided to just go the more relaxation route with the honeymoon. 
I'm sure it will be a nice change of pace after the wedding craziness. 

Where did you go (or want to go) on your honeymoon? 


  1. We went to Mexico and Andrew got SO SICK and I got kind of sick on our honeymoon (I think it was the ice in the frozen drinks) so I think we need a do over! We did an all inclusive, adults only place and it was really nice. The resort we went to had people there selling different excursions, so maybe yours is the same and you can book something when you get there if you want to break up the relaxing. Bring books and plenty of single bills to tip with. It looks beautiful and sounds amazing!

  2. ahhh so fun. i have never been to Jamaica or an all inclusive, though I would love to go!
    we went to vegas - it was a ton of fun and so nice after the craziness that was the wedding.

  3. We've been wanting to do an all-inclusive resort for a long time! (Although we try and make Disney trips as close to that as possible) Can't wait to hear how it goes!