Friday, October 23, 2009

...the big cut...

I have not had a real haircut in about 5 years and even then it was not too short. I had one really bad haircut in middle school and have been a little leary of major haircuts since then. But I finally got up the courage to cut it yesterday. I am donating it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program; they donate wigs to cancer patients. I was a LITTLE nervous about cutting all of my hair off. But I really like my new cut and it is SO much easier to manage. Here are the before & after pics...hope you like it!



Monday, October 19, 2009

weekend recap

This weekend was fairly busy. My best friends parents, Uncle J & B came to visit. We always have a great time when they visit. They got in Friday night and we had fajita lasagna for supper and then sat around the table for 2 hours just talking and laughing. At one point we all were in tears from laughing so much. Saturday we went to a local seafood festival. I had a funnel cake with extra powder sugar...YUMMY! great lunch, huh!  And the fam enjoyed the seafood. I have never been a big seafood person. We walked around all of the craft booths and admired the creativity of people. Sunday we went to church and Uncle J & B got back on the road. After church we filmed the final scene for a short movie my friends and I are making! That is a subject for another post. Then I had a management test I had to take...hmm...not so fun.

What did you do this weekend?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

it's party time

Last Saturday I threw a birthday party for my best friend, A. And it was a major success. The party was not extravagant, it was just a simple get together with some of our closest friends. I was a little worried because I did not really plan any games or anything (we are just not game people). But there was no reason to be worried everyone had a great time. In fact, we were ready to shove people out the door;) Not really, but the party did last a lot longer than we expected it too. We had some very yummy food and a delicious red velvet cake. She got a lot of great gifts and it was fun to just hang out. Just a little insight into A,she LOVES presents, I mean like a five year old at Christmas. So, everyone tortured her a little bit by telling her she had to wait unit Wednesday(her actual bday) to open her gifts. It was pretty funny!

Here are a few pics of the fun times....

cute party colors!

empty gift table

over-flowing gift table

food table...yummy!

not quite full food table

red velvet bday cake

make a wish!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 thanks!

****warning: this post is full of venting!***I am not one to complain about school much. I mean it is what it is. And when you have been in college as long as I have, you kind of know what to expect. But I am taking accounting this semester and it is kicking my butt. It does not help that this is an online course. I think I would be grasping the concepts a little better if I were in a classroom setting. I took my first acct test this Sunday and it took me 51/2 hours to finish it. Can you believe that? It has NEVER taken me that long to take a test and I have taken the LSAT, GMAT, and completed one year of law school. And it was not just me that took that long. I spoke to several of the people in the class and most of them took longer than I did to complete it.  Now that is just ridiculous. I mean this is not the only class we have this semester. I do not think a professor should be able to give a test online that students would not be able to complete in a regular classroom setting. Ugh...sorry this post is a downer. On a better note, I am planning an awesome bday party for my best friend! I will blog about it later! I hope everyone is having a spectacular week!