Wednesday, August 12, 2015

i am engaged to a celebrity

Here is your daily dose of randomness ... you're welcome. 

Y'all, I am engaged to a local celebrity. 
Yesterday at lunch, a well-dressed gentleman approached our table and told D that he enjoyed him in The Importance of Being Earnest. 
That play was in February. 
Apparently, D's performance was super memorable! 

Of course, I am proud of him and 
I always think he does an excellent job. 
But it always surprises me when strangers approach us. 
And this was just too amusing not to share! 
It happened completely out of the blue. 

If D keeps up this acting/singing thing, 
I am going to have to watch out for paparazzi in the future. 
Anybody know where 
I can get an over-sized pair of sunglasses from?! ;) 


  1. That's awesome! Both for D, and for the guy's memory... there are huge celebrities who I could pass in public and not recognize!

  2. Too funny! He should've given him his autograph! Next thing you know you'll be in People magazine!

  3. That's so funny! He should have signed his napkin for the guy :)