Wednesday, September 2, 2015

wedding wednesday: shoes & an update

First, I just want to say that I have started 
my advising schedule for the year, 
which sucks my free time. 
So, posting will not happen super often. 
I know ... Surprise, Surprise. ;) 


Y'all, I got my wedding shoes this week. 
I love them! 

Of course, I am wearing Converse with my wedding dress. 
Speaking of the wedding dress. 
I have not even started dress shopping. 
I absolutely dread it! 

I hate shopping. 
I really just want to buy it online. 
But EVERYONE else wants me to try on dresses in a store. 
I will probably compromise 
and do the whole dress trying on thing with my girls, 
but, then, still buy the dress I want online. 

Other than that, planning is going excellently. 
We are getting our engagement pictures done next month. 
So, I have decided that we will combine our Save the Dates with our Christmas cards. 
Gotta save that money! 

We have finally narrowed down our invitations. 
Here is a sneak peak of the style, 
with our wedding monogram: 

Okay y'all! 
Did anyone else out there dread the wedding dress experience? 
Or did you love the dress shopping experience? 


  1. love your shoes! i wore flip flops to mine haha. i love to shop so i had a fun time trying on wedding dresses, but if i hated it, i wouldn't have done it! i like your way of doing it with your friends and then buying online. gotta do what is right for you!

  2. I love your shoes! I hated trying on dresses ... my family lives on the other side of the country so I went with a friend (who was also shopping for her wedding dress) and my MIL - who almost convinced me to buy a massive ball gown with a feathered skirt. Ugh. Maybe try dresses on in a store so you know what silhouette you want - then buy online?

  3. Awesome shoes!! You will be stylish and comfy! :)