Tuesday, April 23, 2013

shopping is not fun

Well, shopping when I absolutely have 
to buy something is not fun. 

The mission this past weekend was shirts. 
Because I have lost a good bit of weight, 
all of my shirts have 
started to look like potato sacks on me. 

I have bought a few pair of pants 
here and there, 
but I have been able to make my 
shirts work for the most part 
until recently. 

I hate shopping when I have to buy something. 
Typically, I can NEVER find 
what I am looking for. 
Luckily, this shopping trip 
was not too bad. 

My friends and I went to Savannah 
Saturday afternoon. 
Our first stop was Target and 
I just found 1 tshirt. 
Then we stopped at Khol's 
and I did not find anything at all. 
So, that was a little discouraging. 

Then we decided to go to the mall. 
I found two shirts at Old Navy. 
And then hit the jackpot at 
New York & Company. 

They were having a great sale 
and I found a shirt that I just loved 
and it was appropriate for work. 
My solution to the shirt problem was solved. 
I bought the shirt in every color they had. 
Yes, I bought 9 shirts that are exactly the same! 

Have you had any shopping dilemma's lately?


  1. Amen. Shopping is frustrating and stressful. I do not understand how some people find it soothing.

  2. Sometimes I hate shopping for clothes. Mostly if I go to the fitting room and try on something and it doesn't fit =/ That's a huge bummer for me. Then there's always the price which can be a bummer too. Glad you found some shirts and walked away victorious!

    Stopping by from the Wednesday Walkabout. :)