Friday, April 5, 2013

chili cook off 2013

Yesterday, our department at work 
competed in a Chili Cook Off 
with the other departments in our division. 
I was on the team 
along with 4 other coworkers. 
Our theme was 
Chillin' with Sasquatch. 
A play on the Messin' with Sasquatch 
Jack Links beef jerky commercials. 
{If you have never seen one of those commercials, 
do yourself a favor and YouTube it} 

One of the guys in our office 
actually dressed up as Sasquatch; 
it was awesome! 
The rest of us had t-shirts made. 
We were the Southern Squatchers. 

We had a ton of fun and 
we won 1st place for our Chili 
in the Traditional Chili category and 
we won 2nd place for theme! 
{We were robbed, I tell ya}
Here are a few pictures of our set up! 

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