Monday, October 7, 2013

family visits

This weekend I took D to the farm to visit my family for the first time. 
To say I was nervous is definitely an understatemet. 
D was not really nervous at all. 
I am always jealous of his ability to just take things as they come. 
I tend to over-analyze every single new situation in our relationship. 
He is a great influence for me in that aspect. 

Overall, the weekend went really well. 
We stayed with a close friend of mine that just had a baby 11 weeks ago. 
Baby Luke is a sweetheart and I loved catching up on my baby snuggles. 
Isn't he adorable?!
Friday night, D and I visited with my sister and her family. 
Then we took my neices and nephew out for supper and ice cream. 
The girls (ages 13 & 15) loved him. 
D had them laughing all evening. 
Nash (3) was pretty quiet at first but warmed up to him eventually. 

After we dropped the kiddos off at my sister's, 
we stopped by the farm to see my Aunt and brothers. 
That visit seemed to go fairly well; definitely better than I expected. 
Both of my brothers tend to be overprotective and D is the first guy I have ever brought home to meet them. 
Both of my brothers were pleasant and did not give him the third degree. 
None of the tough guy brother stuff I was expecting. 
It probably helped that D did not meet both of them at the same time. 
That was the visit I was worried about the most and it went well. 
I was able to breathe a lot easier the rest of the weekend. 

Saturday, we explored the Downtown area of a neighboring city. 
Then we went back to my friend's house and spent some time shooting. 
My friend's husband has one of my favortie gun collections 
and he always lets me shoot some pretty cool guns. 

The weekend ended up being surprisingly relaxing. 
I loved seeing D interacting with my family and friends. 
It just added another layer to our still new relationship. 
A guy can only meet your family for the first time once. 
I am definitely relieved that the first meeting is done and over! 

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