Thursday, September 23, 2010

t minus 40 hours

The baby shower is just under 2 days away!!
I feel like I still have a million things to do,
but it is more like 20 or so.

I have everything packed and ready to make the 4 hour drive after work tomorrow.
And I have lined up the best friends in the world to help me set up Saturday!
All in all, I think everything should go off without a hitch.

Earlier this week, I laid everything out to see exactly what I had bought so far. 
I have picked up a few extra things since these pictures,
but this will give you an idea about what I am working with.

 I did not want the girls to feel left out so I got them these ribbons!

 I just realized these bowls are the only thing with One Fish Two Fish on it in these pictures. 
I really do have more actual One Fish Two Fish stuff.

These are the cute little boxes for the party favors.

The main thing I am worried about is the gift I got for my sister. 
I got her the stroller/carseat combo that she wanted.
And it is NOT. IN. YET!
I am trying not to obsess about it too much. 
It is not like she needs it tomorrow. 
I did buy her a "replacement" gift to open at the shower. 
So, I have that taken care of!

I cannot wait until Saturday!
I am super excited about my theme. 
And most sis will LOVE it!


  1. Love all the bright colors! It looks like it's going to be a fabulous party. : )

  2. I hope everything went well and that the gift arrived in time!! Everything looks so festive and fun!