Monday, October 1, 2012

end of an era

Honoring #10

This weekend was bittersweet.
Sunday was Chipper Jones' last regular season homegame
for the Atlanta Braves.
I bought tickets for this game back in June
and I am glad that I did because the stadium sold out quickly.

Game Day Nails
It was such a good game; emotional but good!
I know, I know.
There is no crying in baseball...
unless it is Chipper's last game, then it is perfectly okay!
I have always been a huge Braves fan
and Chipper has been my favorite player for as long as I can remember.
My favorite game just will not be the same without #10 on the field.

I have a habit of buying tickets in the same section of Turner Field
every time I go, usually on the Terrace level.
For some reason, I bought tickets on the Club level this time. 
And let me tell you, I am hooked. 

The Club level of Turner Field is Amazing!
You have to have tickets to even get in this level. 
It is where all of the suites are and where most season ticket holders sit.  
Sadly, I was a bad blogger and did not get any pictures.  
However, I will be buying tickets on this level from now on!

When it was time for the players to take the field,
all of the other Braves players let
Chipper go out to third base by himself.
He was the only player on the field for about 30 seconds
and the crowd went wild.
Chip's 1st At-Bat of the Game

Of course, my friends and I ate horribly.
There was no healthy eating on the schedule Sunday.
We had nachos, ice cream, a funnel cake, and Coke.
I felt so sick on the way home from the game.
But it was all too good to pass up!

To make the day just perfect, the Braves won!
After the game, they interviewed Chipper
and put it on the big screen.
After the interview, he went into the stands
and hugged his parents.
Cue the waterworks.
I had done so well up until that point!

The team used special balls all weekend
in honor of Chipper.
And I had to buy one!
My little piece of Braves history.

Chipper had a great last home game.
The Braves are going to the playoffs.
It really was a great weekend!

On a sports related side note:
The Seminoles are doing great this year!
5-0 baby!!
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  1. My friend is a huge Chipper fan and has a Braves tattoo!

    So cool you were there, and they won, for his last game. Such an awesome experience.

    Thanks for linking up :)