Monday, February 16, 2015

weekend recap ... theater edition

Happy 2015 y'all! 
Yep, this is my first post of 2015. 
Let's jump right in. 

Warning: There will be mushy stuff in this post. 
In fact, this entire post will consist of bragging on my 
significant other. 
And it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. 

This weekend D was in a production of 
The Importance of Being Earnest
He played the main character, Algernon. 
And he was BRILLIANT
And yes, that is a biased opinion. 
But it was corroborated by many unbiased opinions in the community. 

In fact, the entire cast was excellent. 
They really did Oscar Wilde's most famous play justice. 

Every time I see D on stage, 
whether it is acting or singing, 
I am amazed. 
He is so talented and deserves to be discovered. 
If any of you know any big-time Hollywood agents, 
send them our way. ;) 

D looking very dapper in a 3 piece suit
I saw the play twice this weekend. 
Once on Friday night and then again on Sunday afternoon. 
Sunday, before the play, an Oscar Wilde scholar led a short discussion at the theater about Wilde's life. 
It was fascinating. 
And confirmed the fact that I am a true geek. ;) 

I hope all of you had a fantastic Valentine's weekend. 
(Whether you celebrate or not.) 
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  1. That wasn't that mushy at all! It was sweet! What a cool hobby/passion project and how great that you're supportive!

  2. aw this wasnt mushy at all! congrats to D, that is awesome! and he does look very dapper :)

  3. How neat! There's nothing wrong with being proud of your man :)