Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wedding wednesday #1: book arch

The venue has been chosen 
and the wedding date has been picked 
April 30, 2016

That means I have almost a full year to bore y'all with wedding posts. 
But let's face it, 
with the way I post that will be like 6 posts. 

This post is all about this awesome book arch I found on Pinterest. 
I would LOVE to incorporate this into my ceremony. 
However, there is one small problem. 
My book-loving heart cannot murder destroy this many books. 

Do y'all have any ideas how to do this without harming the books?! 
I am thinking that as much as I love the look of this arch, 
it will not be in my wedding. :( 

This is the other option I really like for the ceremony focal point. 
{and it doesn't kill any books} 
What are some other ways I could incorporate books into the decor? 


  1. Stack centerpieces on them. Use one as a guest book. At my wedding, we rented a pedastal to put a vase with my bouquet on behind our sweetheart table at the reception - maybe you could do a tower of books instead? Book-themed table names. My friend took her bridal portraits at an independent bookstore - maybe you could do yours, or your engagement pics there?

  2. I love, love, LOVE that arch - but have no idea how to do it without murdering the books. My husband isn't a reader at all - well, apart from Star Wars books.

  3. how did I miss this? congrats on setting a date and a venue. I love the book arch as well, but no way could I murder books!! maybe buy a bunch of old books that you don't like... but nope, i probably couldn't even do it then. fake books? i don't know. hmm. good luck!