Friday, February 5, 2016

life lately & wedding update

What's New With You

I have not posted in ages. 
So, what better time to link up with Kristen! 

Life has been busy, busy. 
Between the normal 40-50 hr work week and wedding planning, 
I am also taking two grad courses this semester. 
What was I thinking?!?!?!

I briefly contemplated taking this semester off. 
But that would have put graduation a semester off as well. 
And I will only miss finals week for the wedding. 
I have already cleared that with my profs. 
But, man oh man, the workload is killer. 

That is life lately! 
Work, school, and a little wedding planning thrown in. 

Now for the fun stuff, wedding planning updates. 

We have DRESSES!!! 
All of them. 
Mine and the bridesmaids. 

As I have mentioned in the past, 
I was dreading the wedding dress part. 
We did do the "go try on dresses" thing. 
I did not find anything I liked for my dress. 
But all of the bridesmaids did. 

I wanted each of them in different dresses in the same color. 
I just do not think there is a single dress out there that looks great on everybody. 
And I wanted my girls to feel as pretty as possible on my wedding day. 

Here are their dresses: 

I really want to show y'all my dress. 
It is completely non-traditional. 
But D does occasionally read my blog and I do not want to spoil the surprise for him. 
I did find it online and not in a store. 
I can let y'all know that it has pockets! :D 

We are on the downward slide of things now. 
Only 84 days to go! 


  1. Oh my gosh..when's your wedding date?! I'm getting married May 6 (in belize though so it's not the same.) I love those dresses so much and can't wait to see what you chose! Mine is really non traditional's a white maxi dress I found from Express for under $100! Thanks for joining our linkup!

  2. I can't wait to see your dress! I already love it just because it has pockets! That's the best!! The bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous too! Have a great weekend!

  3. yayyy!! first, thank you for linking up with us, and of course for posting an update because i'm a creepy stalker person who checks often ;) yay for being busy, i bet that is making time fly by, but hope it doesn't get too stressful. i cannot wait to see your dress, i bet it is amazing. love the bridesmaids dresses, i was the same for my wedding - i don't think the same dress looks good on everyone and it's silly to make girls with different bodies wear the same dress. like my bridesmaids - 1 was tall and skinny, the other was shorter and skinnier, the other was shorter and plumper. plus the 2 short ones had just had babies. but anyway. different bodies = different dresses. same colours though. yay 84 days!

  4. I went dress shopping with my SIL this weekend and we all FREAKED OUT when she tried on a dress with pockets. She didn't go with it, though. And WHOA you are taking on a ton - good luck!

  5. I love your bridesmaids dresses - it was a great idea to have the same colour but different styles! I wish I had done that ;) I can't wait to see pictures of your dress :)