Thursday, January 28, 2010

fulfillment of a life-long dream

You know how almost ALL young girls are horse crazy? And how for at least one birthday they ask for a horse? Well, that was me. Only I never grew out of my horse craziness! And I pretty much asked for a horse EVERY birthday & Christmas:)  

I have actually taken an equestrian class in college and have considered becoming a horse trainer. But I refuse to waste 8 LONG years of college. {Yes...8. I took the scenic route. But when I am finished I will have 3 degrees.} Anyway back to the point. I finally have a horse!!!! Well, he is not living with me since I live in an apartment in a college town. And I have to share him with my family. {especially since they are the ones taking care of him} But he is living back home on the farm and I can visit him anytime I want!

My brother received a call from one of the local horse rescues about a horse that was scheduled to be euthanized. Well, we could not let that happen and we agreed to take him. The horse has the sweetest disposition and is a pasture horse; he cannot be ridden safely because he was badly abused. But he will live out the rest of his life in the lap of luxury. I have two nieces who are already showering him with attention and treats! 

Without further adieu, let me introduce you to Phantom!

***on a side note: did you know that fulfilment & fufillment are both correct spellings? things like this are what make the english language a pain in the butt sometimes. especially for grammar nazis.


  1. He is so beautiful! I cannot imagine why anyone would beat any living creature. Poor horse didn't know better I'm sure, but if I was Phantom, I would've kicked and stomped the h**l out of whoever was abusing me...

  2. OH man... Phantom is gorgeous. I love horses so much!

  3. I can truly say I was never horse crazy nor did I ever ask for a horse...I did have a My Little Pony at one point, though ;)

  4. What a pretty horsey! I've never been horse crazy, though I do like horses. But that's great that y'all were able to rescue him. My cousin does that, too.

  5. That is SO wonderful. What a cutie!