Thursday, July 15, 2010

last weekend recap...just a LITTLE late;)

I know this is terribly late but the only interesting stuff I have done was last weekend.
I am sure none of you want to hear about the mounds of reading, homework, and papers I have done so far this week!

M's birthday was Sunday but we celebrated on Saturday!
She wanted to go to Savannah and eat at Bonefish Grill.
None of us had ever been there before but it was really good.

Of course, we spent too much money shopping.
{Target is the DEVIL}
The BFF, A, bought a painting for her new office!
It looks really good!
{unlike this pic...sorry I took it with my phone}
The frame would not fit in the car so we have to go back and get that.

When we got back from Savannah.
M opened her presents and blew out her candles!

I actually got her tickets to the Braves game this Saturday,
but I wanted her to have a present to open.

So I got her a frame to put a picture of us from the game in, a couple of scrapbook things to remember her birthday weekends, and a gift card to Books-a-Million.

A got her a Twilight globe puzzle, Twilight magnets, and the new season of Eureka!

Mel turned the big 24;)
And we do not believe in number candles in our house!
We always put the exact number of candles.
Yes, we know eventually that will be a major fire hazzard!

I will definitely have a ton of pictures from the Braves game this weekend.
Hopefully, everyone has had a great week!

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  1. What a fun weekend!! :) I wish mine had involved cake.