Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I FINALLY finshed summer semester on Friday!
Of course, that meant an all-nighter to finish my research paper.
But it was totally worth it.
I made A's in both of my classes this summer!!

Friday afternoon I drove to the farm to visit the family.
My sis is 5 months along now!
I had a little "talkin' to" with the peanut and told him that under no circumstances was he allowed to make his grand entrance until I could be there for it;)
You think that will work at all!
I just noticed that I put "he" all through that sentence.
We actually do not know the gender yet because apparently the stubborn gene is very strong.
She has another ultrasound on Aug 5th so hopefully we will know then!

On Saturday, I had a girls' day out with my sis and my two beautiful nieces!
We had lunch, did some shopping, got our nails done, and ate ice cream.
We had a fab time!!
After we got home, I let the girls ride the horse for the first time.
I thought my sister would be a little nervous about them riding but she had complete trust in me. 

It was a little funny.
My oldest niece, W, is horse CRAZY.
I mean she has every horse book ever written, horse pendants, horse posters on her walls...you get my drift.
And the younger one, C, likes horses okay but she is more of a doll kind of girl.
Well, C had a blast; I had to basically pry her off of the horse!
But W was really nervous.
I was SUPER proud of her though.
Even though she was nervous she still got on and rode him.
After a little while she was a little more comfortable!
I am actually thinking about getting them both riding lessons for Christmas.
I am the only one in my family that rides and I do not get down there enough to teach them.

I left the farm Sunday afternoon and decided to stop and get a hotel for the night.
I am one of those people that need alone time to properly function as a human being.
After this crazy semester and being cooped up in a house with 3 other women,
I needed a break.
The roomies were not expecting me home until Monday.
I did not tell anyone where I stopped and I put my cell on vibrate and just enjoyed the silence of being all by myself for a blissful 24 hours!!

We are moving into our new house this weekend!!!
I am ready to be out of this apartment complex.
I am not looking forward to packing and especially not looking forward to moving in South GA heat.
So, this week will consist of work and packing. Fun times;)
But I cannot wait to get into the new place!

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