Monday, August 2, 2010


...crazy college apartment complex!!

After a LONG weekend, we have officially moved in to our new house!
I will have to post pics later this week because internet has not been connected at the new house yet.

Goodbye to:
drunken college parties that last until dawn
upstairs neighboors that apparently only know how to stomp
loud music playing at all hours of the night
having to testify in the eventual murder trial involving the couple from 724B
{seriously just break up already}
the streetlight directly in front of my bedroom window
the worst apartment management company I have EVER dealt with


I already love the new place!

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I had a pretty eventful start to the moving process.
I will never use U-Haul again.
I reserved a truck over a month before the move.
They were supposed to contact me within 24 hours of the pick up time to let me know where to pick up the truck.
Well, that 24 hour deadline came and went without a call.
So, there ensued an ENTIRE day on the phone with U-Haul.
Eventually, I was told my reservation was guaranteed and that someone WOULD definitely be calling me with the specific details.

A little side note.
If we were not out of our apartment by Noon on Saturday then we all 3 had to pay a penalty equal to 2 months rent.
That is $2,700.00.
This is why it was imperative that we get the U-Haul by 10am.

Well, 9am Saturday morning rolls around and I still had not heard from them.
I called and explained the situation to the customer service lady.
I was trying my best not to be rude but seriously they are a national corporation.
She said she would give me a call back when she found out something.
Never heard from her!!

I decide to just go the one of the U-Haul places in town.
The gentleman there told us that our reservation was never scheduled.
By this point, I am ready to blow a gasket.
But the guy here is really nice and is going out of his way to try and help us.
He did not have any U-Haul trucks that would fit our reservation, but he did have a truck that he rented out personally that he let us get for a way better price!!

So, everything worked out with the truck.
We got everything moved out of the apartment and had our keys turned in by 11:30!
We spent all day yesterday unpacking.
The entire house is now unpacked and in order.
There are only a few pictures left to hang.

And let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed the silence last night!!!
It made me want to do a happy dance!

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  1. Phew, that sounds like a similar fiasco my friends also experienced with U-Haul. My friend, who NEVER cries in front of anyone, openly had a crying FIT with me there, so I got on the phone and acted like I was her mom and got it taken care of. I agree...national company with a "reputation". But it seems like the larger they get, the more they forget about all the "little people" that keep them in business!

    But God worked it out for you and blessed you in an ever bigger way! Yay God! I'm glad everything worked out!

  2. Congrats on the move - sounds like it was a necessary move for sure! Sorry to hear about the U-Haul drama. That's so frustrating. What's up with the place charging you so much of you aren't out by noon? That seems a little harsh lol.

    Stumbled across your blog via the Rosebud Network =)

  3. Oh my gosh! We had the same type of problem when we moved out of our house. We made the appointment with U-haul at one of several local places. And the guy wrote down our appointment wrong, closed up shop and left town - and I had a whole passle of church people at the house waiting to load up. Stupid U-haul.

  4. Congrats on the new pad doll!