Sunday, August 8, 2010

birthday fun!

My birthday was Wednesday!
I like to keep my b-day's pretty low key.

So, Wednesday night we had ice cream cake and I opened gifts.
I got the first two seasons of Torchwood and a gift card to Starbucks!!!
Oh...and I bought myself the complete Stargate Atlantis series;) 

The wonderful folks at work bought the whole office cupcakes for my bday. 
They were the size of my face and super YUMMY!

Then yesterday we went to my favorite restaurant CHIPOTLE.
We decided to go to the one in Jacksonville, Fl instead of Atlanta.
{Jacksonville is actually closer to Savannah}

We then walked around the mall and just had a fun day window shopping!
I have had a couple of great days celebrating my birthday and not too much fuss was made about it.
I have the greatest friends!!


  1. Chipotle has gotta make for a good bday!

  2. Happy birthday to you! And thanks for the bday wishes you sent me. We're a day apart =)

    Hope it was a great one =)