Thursday, October 28, 2010

the fair = fall ♥

We do not really have a fall in South Georgia.
I mean it hit 90° yesterday and the high today is 85°.
So, when the fair comes to town it is officially fall in my book.
I know it does not really make sense,
but that is how I roll.  ;)
{I cannot believe I just wrote family is very proud}

Anyway, the fair was in town last week!
And the fair is a BIG DEAL in South Georgia.
I have been every year since, well, I can remember.
When I was younger, I would seriously ride every single ride and probably more than once.
Even when I go now I have to ride at least one ride.
While I am on that ride I try not to think about the fact that this metal contraption is probably held together by one measly little pin.
Because, hey, we all have to live a little dangerously once in a while.
My absolute favorite ride is the ferris wheel.
I always hope that my seat will be the one that stops at the top.

Then there is the food.
Yummy, fried, could probably kill you, fair food.
A funnel cake, with extra powdered sugar, is a MUST every year.
Seriously, it is in the "fair" rule book.

{I did not get my phone out fast enough to get a pic of the whole funnel cake}

This year we lived on the edge and tried a fried Reese's cup.
I know!
It was...okay.
Not the best thing I have ever had but definitely not the worst.
But I think I will keep my Reese's out of the deep fryer.
Disclaimer: I was not the only person eating all of this. There were about 5 of us sharing it. Just so you know! :)

{sorry about the horrible pictures. they were taken with my cell phone.}


  1. Oy! No kidding! The humidity decided to come back in full force this week. Blech. :) I was ready for jeans weather! And I'm already wearing my jeans in protest. :)

    I'm a little bummed we missed the fair. We're such fuddy-duddies. :)

  2. I'm sorry you guys don't have fall! It's beautiful here in Philadelphia for a few weeks every year and I just LOVE it!

    That fair looks like so much fun! I had a fried oreo once and it was almost a confusing thing to eat for me haha. I couldn't decide if I liked it or not! I bet the fried Reese's would be the same way!