Tuesday, November 9, 2010

mixed bag of life!

  • I would like to introduce y'all to the most precious little boy in the WORLD! {Of course, I am completely unbiased!} My little burrito is just perfect; with 10 fingers, 10 tiny toes, and chubby little cheeks!
  • My sister went through the c-section fabulously! There were no complications and everything went really quickly. She went back to the OR at 7:15 and he was born at 8:02 am. For some reason I thought it would take longer.
  • Unfortunately, my sis has not been doing that great since he was born. This past Saturday she was having trouble breathing and they had to rush her to the emergency room. The doctors found out she had fluid in her lungs so they kept her overnight. They did let her go home Sunday but it was a scary few hours waiting on news. Thankfully, she is doing much better now!
  • This morning I found out I won a free month to a local gym here in town. I randomly entered into the giveaway when I was at the fair a few weeks ago never thinking I would actually win. {btw, I HATE to exercise} I have been trying to get in better shape lately and this is a blessing. I am not the type of person to be self-motivated when it comes to exercise and this membership comes with a personal trainer as well!
  • I have been praying about what I want to do career-wise once I graduate in May. And I am seriously comtemplating joining the Air Force. I have always been a deeply patriotic person and joining the military was something I considered when I graduated from high school. I am still praying about it because I want to be sure I am doing what God wants me to do.
  • This is another reason the gym membership and personal trainer are a blessing. I have to get in shape to even consider the Air Force. So, my goal is to be able to pass the Physical Fitness Test for the AF by May. Even if I decide that the Air Force is not the route I want to take at least I will be in really good shape! I just do not want something as controllable as my weight/fitness level to keep me from a wonderful opportunity.
  • It is going to be an interesting 6 months thats for sure! And for all of my readers that pray, I would be extremely grateful for a prayer or two sent up on my behalf. I have some big decisions to make regarding my future. I know that I do not graduate until May but time has a tendency to fly, especially when big decisions are involved. And I just want to make the right decisions and follow where God is leading.
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  1. Your nephew is adorable!! I just want to pinch those chubby cheeks! Thank goodness your sister is ok!

  2. He's beautiful! Congrats! I'm glad your sister's okay, things like that are so scary!

  3. Yay! He's perfect and adorable!! Congrats :)

    And I will def be praying for you! Sounds like a lot is on your plate. I guess it's good to have choices though.

  4. One of my best friends is in the JAG! YAY for your sis and her bambino being healthy!