Wednesday, June 29, 2011

just some randomness

Late weekend recap:
This weekend was pretty much a lazy weekend. 
I made my first peach cobbler of the season
and it was oh so yummy!
I did not exercise at all on Saturday or Sunday and
I do not feel one ounce of guilt about that ;)
The bestie & I played 
Super Mario Bros on the Wii
for 6 hours Sunday.
It took us right back to our childhood. 
I big happy heart Super Mario Bros♥
Overall, it was a pretty great weekend!

Update on my favorite little man:
My nephew Nash has had several important firsts
over the last couple of months. 

He started crawling!
And my sister caught it on her phone for me. :D
He started off pretty shaky
but he is a crawling machine now.

He got his very first boo-boo. :(
My niece Cas was playing with him on the bed
and he fell off and bumped his head.
Kinda like 12 little monkeys!
He was fine just had a little bump.
My sis said it scared him more than anything else.

He went to the beach for the very first time. 
I was actually there for that one, 
it was my idea!
He loved the sand
but did not care for the water that much.

And here are a few pictures 
just because he is so darn cute!
Apparently, he does not like smiling in pictures.