Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer tv

My DVR is full of shows
that I want to watch this summer. 
I always tend to watch more summer television
than I do any other time of the year. 
Typically this was because
all of the good scifi shows aired
in the summer. 
But the SyFy channel seems to be
killing all of the really good science fiction shows.
Anyway, that is another blog post entirely.
Here are a few of the shows I am watching this summer:


What shows are you looking 
forward to this summer?


  1. When did shows start premiering in the summer? I mean, I can't complain but I need to start reading more and watching less TV!

    I'm all about Pretty Little Liars lol!

  2. I watch more fall tv (glee and gossip girl haha) but I've seen the voice a few times!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. I heard White Collar was good, but I'm currently loving Suits!

  4. OOh I loved the Voice! And I second Audrey, Suits is so good!