Thursday, November 14, 2013

the dark world

Can I just say ... 
I love Marvel movies?!

D and I went to the movies last night and saw 
Thor: The Dark World. 
In short, it was simply amazing! 

I liked this one much more 
than the first Thor movie; 
and I really like the first one. 
But in this one, 
we did not have to wade through 
all of the set up and world-building stuff. 

I also loved the stuff between Thor and Loki. 
Can Tom Hiddleston be in all the movies? 
Pretty please! 
And Darcy is still my favorite bit of comic relief. 
Oh yeah, let's not forget ... 
Christopher Eccleston. 
Perfect casting as the Dark Elf.   

Have you seen the movie yet? 
If so, what was your favorite part? 

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