Monday, November 11, 2013

weekend recap

Last Week: 
Before we get to the weekend, 
let's recap last week. 
One of the fun things about working at a university 
is all of the fun events I get to participate in. 
This past Saturday was the 
Homecoming game. 
So, of course, the week before Homecoming is Spirit Week. 
Our office participates every year by 
having different dress up days. 
Top Left: Magical (Disney) Monday; Top Right: Twin Tuesday; Center: Superhero Wednesday; Bottom Left: Throwback Thursday; Bottom Right: True Blue Friday
Now on to the weekend!
D ran sound for a gig Friday night. 
The opener was a solo act. 
The main band was a mix between rock and rap. 
Not really my cup of tea, 
but the musicianship was amazing. 

D's soundboard 
D and I went hunting with his family. 
We actually slept in a little Saturday morning, 
because we got home rather late Friday night. 
So, we missed most of the hunting 
but did get a little bit in. 
No one got a deer Saturday. 
We saw a couple but they were out of our range. 

Then, that afternoon, we sat around a fire. 
It was so relaxing. 
Nothing can really beat sitting around a fire 
with absolutely nothing to do but enjoy it! 

I hope y'all had a great weekend! 


  1. Thank for linking up!!

    I always thought it would be cool working for a college. And yours sounds super fun. Mine didn't even have homecoming boo!

  2. This sounds like a fun weekend! Matt is always asking me to go hunting with him - one of these weekends I will say yes!

  3. I work at a school but we don't have a football team so no fun homecoming activities. I wish, though - looks like a great way to break up a work day!

  4. oh I love sitting around a fire! there's always a good time when that happens.