Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Recap - Memorial Day Edition

Y'all I have had an absolutely fabulous weekend. 
I did not want it to end 
and getting up for work today was just ... ugh. ;) 
I really need to find a job that let's me work by the pool. 

Friday: D's little sister, M, graduated from high school. 
She is definitely excited to be done with high school. 

Saturday: We spent the day at D's family farm; 
celebrating M's graduation. 
We rode four-wheelers, grilled, roasted s'mores, 
and shot off fireworks. 
D's family camped out at the farm this weekend. 
D and I did not. 
We went back home to sleep in a real bed. 
And, more importantly, shower in a real bathroom. 

D's cousin & his girlfriend bogged down the Ranger 

Sunday: D and I went back to the farm and had camping breakfast. 
Why does camp breakfast taste better than regular breakfast? 
Then we spent 3 glorious hours in the pool. 
I have officially started my summer tan. 
We finished the night off baking a red velvet cake, per M's request, 
and I made a chocolate trifle. 

Monday: was spent poolside all day. 
D's family celebrates most summer holidays by the pool. 
Definitely, my favorite tradition of theirs. 
Both the cake and trifle were big hits. 

Overall, it was a fairly busy weekend with a lot of downtime. 
I am looking forward to similar weekends this summer. 
I hope all of you had a great 4 day weekend as well. 

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  1. i am SOOOO looking forward to summer weekends as well. it's been so nice around here that we've spent a lot of it outside on our patio eating/drinking the hours away.

    Vodka and Soda