Wednesday, May 28, 2014

first confession post

I have so much fun reading all of y'all's confession posts. 
So, I thought I would join in this week. 
I actually thought of this particular idea 
when reading one of Lauren's posts. 

There are certain TV shows that everyone raves about 
and I just haven't seen an episode and for no particular reason. 
A lot of the shows sound like ones I would love and be hooked on as well. 

So, I confess to having never seen an episode of these shows:


Breaking Bad 

Friday Night Lights 

Modern Family 

How I Met Your Mother 
{well, I have seen a few episodes here & there} 

The Sopranos 
{taking it old school} 

What TV shows have you not seen that you should have seen? 

Linking up with Kathy ... 
Pic Sources: 24, BB, FNL, MF, HIMYM, TS


  1. i have seen random episodes for whatever reason (flicking through the channels, at someone elses house) but never watched any of them either.

  2. friday night lights, on tree hill and the good wife. although i will be starting the good wife this week.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  3. I have seen every episode of all but the last two. I just don't find How I Met Your Mother funny. I would watch The Sopranos, but there are other shows I would rather watch. I feel like everyone loves Mad Men but I couldn't get into it and I have no desire to watch Game of Thrones. But seriously, you need to get on the Breaking Bad train because it is amazing!

  4. I know I sound like every other person when I say thins, but you must watch Modern Family! It took me yearsss to do, I finally did it and i'm obsessed - like I will watch it every night obsessed! ;)


  5. The only show I watch is 24, and I've seen Modern Family, but never any of the other shows. You're not alone in that :)