Monday, June 9, 2014

the emma awards

This weekend I did something out of my element. 
I went to a fancy award ceremony. 
I mentioned in this post that D performed in a musical at our local community theater. 

Well, I was not exaggerating when I said he performed brilliantly. 
The theater has an annual awards ceremony called 
The Emma Awards. 
D was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance! 
He did not win in his category, 
but I am BEYOND proud of him. 

We both got to dress up and were chauffeured to the red carpet. 
I am not a girl that likes to dress up. 
Give me jeans and a tshirt any day. 
But it was fun. 
My friends helped me do my hair and I got to wear a pretty dress. 
And D was very handsome. 
We made quite the pair. 

The best part of my dress was the back. 
Isn't it cool?! 

Overall, it was a great evening. 
And while, I still do not enjoy getting all dolled up I have learned that it is definitely worth it sometimes.  
And I always love celebrating D and his accomplishments. 

The School of Life


  1. sounds like such a fun night!! i love your dress!

  2. That sounds like a fun event! I love an excuse to get dressed up and I do love your dress!

  3. What a great night out! It's such an honour being nominated for an award, the recognition is all that counts.
    Your dress is lovely!
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. That is so cool, and great to step out of zone to be supportive of your partner! I like to have an excuse to dress up every once in a while ;)