Wednesday, June 11, 2014

confession time

Confession time: 
I do not really like wine. 
Yet I am in a wine club ... and I enjoy it!  
May Wine Club
I just cannot get over the taste of wine or beer. 
I think this is mainly caused by the fact that I did not have my first sip of alcohol until I was 26. 
So, I did not do the high school or college partying. 
I never acquired the taste for it. 

Like the majority of people in the world, 
D really enjoys wine. 
One of our close friends (Ivy) does as well. 
D and Ivy would talk about different wines all of the time, 
so they talked about starting a wine club. 
April Wine Club
{at my apartment}
Wine cub consists of D and I, Ivy & her boyfriend (Ryan), 
and Ivy's best friend (Cate) and her boyfriend (Barrett). 
And I have to tell you it is a lot of fun. 
We meet once a month and try 3-5 different wines each month. 
We have themes and everything ... 
if I am being honest coming up with the themes is my favorite part of wine club. 
I am an event planner at heart! 

Out of the 20ish wines we have tasted over the past 5 months, 
I have liked a total of ... 1 of them. 
And by "like" I mean "could probably finish a glass." 

June was a really fun wine club. 
The theme was Beer Club for the start of summer. 
We tried nine different beers and I actually liked 2 or 3 of them. 
Pretty good record. 
June Wine Beer Club
D and I have discovered, through trial and error, that I am more of a whiskey person. 
October is whiskey month .... yay! 
More my Speed! 
For me wine club is definitely not about the wine. 
It is about getting together with friends, having a good time, and getting to hang out with other couples. 
I was a tiny bit skeptical at first because I did not know Cate & Barrett well, 
but they are quickly becoming good friends. 
As you all know, I do not do well with new people. 
Having "couple" friends is new for me and a lot of fun at the same time. 

Next month wine club is at my apartment 
and the theme is Red, White, & Blue wines for July 4th. 
I am so EXCITED! 
Fourth of July is my favorite holiday of the year. 
The only problem will be keeping my planning under control! 

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  1. That sounds so fun! I don't drink red wine or beer so I'm always hesitant to go to alcohol gatherings, but the food and themes make it worth it in your case. July 4th is so fun to decorate for, too!

  2. I'm impressed that you are a whiskey person after not drinking for so long. I can't handle that!

  3. Im not a big drinker either I have yet to find a beer that I can drink. I do like Moscato and fireball whiskey is my fave.

  4. i can't stand red wine. there, i said it! i'm a white wine girl all the way :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. FUN! I drink wine and beer (mostly beer) but wish I knew more about both. People get pretty serious with their alcohol lol.