Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the big 25

Today is my 25th birthday! And the thing I am most excited about is my insurance rates going down. I know I am cheap I cannot help it. I do not really like to make a big deal out of my birthday. I would rather go out to supper with a few close friends than have a huge party. I am not center of attention material!

My best friend turned 25 last year and it started freaking her out that she was 5 years away from 30. I do not have that kind of problem getting older (so far). I am actually looking forward to my 30s. I will be finished with school and I will finally have a career. So I was wondering, what age really freaked you out and why?


  1. Happy Lower Insurance Birthday! LoL! I have not had a birthday party since childhood. What sucks is I am a Christmas baby so I don't get dinners on the big day either. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Ah man, do I suck!! Happy Late Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!! No age so far has freaked me out so far but I am not looking forward to 35 this year!! :(

  3. Happy Late Birthday! I also turned 25 this year, and was most looking forward to lower insurance rates. But in CA, they don't honor this and instead, base lower rates on driving history! I almost started crying when the customer service agent told me this!!

    But I'm happy you get this discount!! And I hope your birthday was fabulous! I don't have a problem with getting older either...we'll see how I feel when I hit 30 though :)