Monday, April 4, 2011

the loot

Finally, the last road trip post . . . promise!
I actually did not buy a lot of souvenirs on this trip.
I did get postcards and magnets from
Texas & Louisiana.
I also got this super cute mask from one of the shops
in the French Quarter.

On our way back to Georgia 
we stopped at an outlet mall in Mississippi.
This is where I got into trouble;)

I bought two new pairs of Chucks!!

The mall had a Carter's outlet.
I called my sister to double check the dude's size
and she just laughed when I told her where I was at.
Her advice: try not to go overboard.
I think I showed considerable restraint;)
However, Mr. Nash did score some goodies!
 Too true :-)

 a baseball & fish on his butt . . . just adorable!

I hope y'all enjoyed my road trip recaps.
Maybe it was not too boring for you.
Overall, we had an absolute blast!
And are already planning our next road trip.
We are leaning towards NYC or somewhere in the NW.


  1. I like the fish onesie, very cute!

  2. Love the mask! So "nawlins"! :)

  3. aww awesome! I hope u had a good day :)

    kisses from POland

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  5. Love your mask. Perfect for Halloween or a Masquerade Ball.

  6. Ooh I gotta catch up on your trip posts!

    Your mask is so cute and you ladies look adorable in them!!

    P.S. Just noticed you posted my blog logo, thanks =)

  7. One can never have too many pairs of Chucks in my book! I have that blue too!