Tuesday, July 19, 2011

c25k update

Source: google.com.au via liz on Pinterest

This week I started
week 6 of C25K.
I am continually amazing myself 
with this program. 
As y'all might remember
from my last update post
I was struggling a LITTLE bit
with running 90 seconds straight. 
Well, last Friday I ran (jogged)
20 minutes
I think this is some kind of
invasion of the body snatchers thing.
I have found that running
really is a mental thing for me. 
I know it may sound 
a tiny bit crazy
but I actually play mind games
with myself to just
keep my feet moving ;)
 My end goal is to complete a 5k
so I am trying not to 
focus on weight loss;
because I do not want to get discouraged.
So I have not weighed myself
since I started the program.
But I am measuring myself once a month.
And in the 1st month
I lost 
11 inches overall!
I was super excited about that. 
I will say that I still
loathe exercise
and I still struggle every
single time I run
but I am doing it and 
I am not giving up
even though I want to really 
bad sometimes.


  1. I seriously think about doing C25k all the time! But I've never actually started. This might be motivation too, though! Good for you!!!!!

  2. Go you! I am *actually* doing Week 5 this week, so you're ahead of me. It is weird to think how far we've come since it's started, isn't it? When running 90 seconds seemed nearly impossible? And now I look at my run interval and go, "90 seconds left? I can do that!" :)

  3. WOW that's amazing! The distance, the weight, everything!! Good for you :)

  4. Good for you!! I've heard about the C25K but never actually looked into it.