Friday, July 8, 2011

drama drama drama


Warning: Venting Ahead! 

You know those people who 
thrive on drama?! 
I really do not understand them. 
If I can help it at all 
I live in a drama-free zone. 
I try to give people leeway, especially 
on Facebook. 
We all have those moments when we just 
need a "woe is me" moment. 
But if you start clogging up my feed 
with those moments 
all the frigging time 
I am going to either unfriend you or block you. 
I never say anything to that person 
because hey it's her page 
and if that is what she wants to use 
her page for I do not have a 
problem with that 
I just do not want to read it. 
What I do not understand is how 
some people 
surround themselves with drama 
and then 
complain about it. 
I think my head would explode 
if I had to deal 
with that stuff all of the time. 
I'll give you an example of someone I just blocked today. 
She apparently had a tooth pulled yesterday. 
And this was her status today: 
"Hurting today :( thanks to those who checked on me the rest of ya who i thgt wld well whatever." 
That is just asking to start crap. 
I do find it 
the tiniest bit amusing. 
Because tomorrow her status will 
probably be about how much 
she hates drama. 
This post may be considered drama. 
So I apologize. 
I just had to rant 
a little bit ;) 


  1. Eh, it's a justified rant. I try to be careful of what/how I update my status on FB. You have those who are braggarts (where I went, what I bought, etc.), the chronic complainers and as my friend Kim calls it, "vauge-booking" - those statuses that just don't make a flippin' bit of sense of anyone.

    I can only assume from your rant that you must not have been one of the people to check in on said friend? It's a tooth for Pete's Sake. Amputate an arm, then we'll talk. :) (Ok, that's probably an extreme statement, but you get my drift...bully people over something a tad bit more serious than dental work.)

  2. I had a friend on facebook who, among other things, has some chronic health issues. And at first, I was sympathetic. But when she started giving us hour by hour gallstone updates....I hid her.

  3. This isn't drama, having a rant is much different. I can't take that tsuff either. I live in a drama free world. At least in my head. Haha. Girls like that are so stupid.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth