Thursday, July 21, 2011

lincoln park after dark

I am getting a desperately needed manicure this weekend. 
So I thought I would share my love for OPI nail polish!
I just love all of their colors, but my favorite 
thing is the names of their polishes.
I like browsing their website & just reading the names. 
Lately, I have been getting the OPI gel manicure
and I am loving it!
My manicure last for at least two weeks, usually longer, 
& I am not easy on my nails. 
My favorite colors are Russian Navy & Lincoln Park After Dark. 
But I like getting a different color every time.
And I am not afraid of getting something "funky" 
as my nieces call it.
Here are a few of my favs right now:

Do you have a favorite OPI color?
images via: pinterest


  1. I love them ALL! I'm currently wearing lavender, which I do like. I thought it was nice and summery! When we were on vacation last week my sister and I bought those new Sally Hansen pattern sticker things...I got zebra, and I LOVED IT! Everyone laughed at my vibrant choice but I thought they looked just fantastic!

  2. I'm usually an au naturale girl, but every once in a while I will either do a really pale color (like a very pale pink with glitter) or something like that. The even more rare occasion is when I do something totally odd like mint green or I have one that's navy blue that I ADORE.

  3. I love all of these colors, although I play it safe=ish. Pinks and red mostly, but I also love white and black colors.

    I'm cheap though so I never buy OPI lol.

  4. I love OPI! And I love all those colors. Especially that last one!

  5. I'm loving that purple color!

  6. OMG those colours are amazing, don't even think I could pick a favourite!

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