Monday, August 1, 2011

weekend recap

This weekend was a fairly busy one. 
I went to the farm & visited with the family.

I caught up on my snuggle quota with this handsome little man!
I cannot believe he will be 9 months old tomorrow. 
Time is going by way too fast.
And spent some quality time with his older sisters.
{who were not cooperating on the picture front}
I also worked on wedding stuff with Isa.

It was nice to spend the day with Isa & her future sister-in-law.  
We finished almost all of her invitations. 
Let me tell you if I do not see one more purple ribbon in my lifetime, I will be perfectly fine with that. ;) 
We also got a lot of small stuff finished & nailed down. 
Overall, it was a very successful weekend!


  1. Super cute baby! I bet it was easy to snuggle up with him.

    Wish I was completely done with my invitations. All I have to is write the addresses, but I am putting it off.