Wednesday, September 7, 2011

college football weekend!

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One of my favorite times of the year is finally here
College Football Season! 
This past weekend was gloriously filled with lots of college football. 
I will watch an NFL game but I do not have a favorite team; so, I do not really get invested in the games. 
College football is a completely different story. 
The besties and I watched at least one football game every day of the weekend. 
My team is Florida State University and I bleed Garnet & Gold.

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But I am surrounded by Georgia fans. 
I know, I know. 
I live in Georgia. 
But I grew up 30 miles north of Tallahassee. 
Athens was like 5 hours away. 
Proximity, and in my opinion, a better football team, wins every time. 
So, Saturday we watched both the FSU & UGA games. 
I was even a good sport and did not gloat about Florida State winning and Georgia losing. 
But inside I was doing a little happy dance. :)

I am super excited that FSU is actually ranked this year and seem to have a really good team. 
It has been too many years of sub par football to suit me. 
The real test will not be until week 3 when they play Oklahoma. 
The first 2 weeks are pretty much cupcake games. 
I just hope the boys do not get complacent and stay on top of their game. 
Oklahoma is going to be tough to beat. 
But I have faith in my boys! 
I know I have at least 1 Oklahoma fan that reads my blog. 
JG I will still love ya even if FSU gets killed! ;)
However, I am not promising I will not gloat just a little bit on Facebook if the Noles win.

Source: via ae on Pinterest

Source: via ae on Pinterest

Who are you cheering for this year?
{I promise I will not hold it against you if it is the Gators ;)}


  1. Makes me so sad that LA doesn't have a real college football community. Yes, we have UCLA and USC but the city is so big that it's not a huge deal :( I am hoping to get to a UT game when I visit Tenn next month!

  2. I don't know anything about college football (it's not so big here in Canada!) but Nathan and I have CFL season tickets. He's a die hard Eskimos fan - I just like to eat the cookies our friends bring :)

  3. I'm cheering for Penn State, although we had a ROUGH day Saturday against Alabama!

    This is a little off topic, but I was just thinking of that family you posted about a few times that was in a terrible car accident. How are they doing?