Tuesday, September 27, 2011

crunch time

I am officially in crunch mode for the wedding. 
It is this Saturday!
I am leaving tomorrow for the farm so I can get more accomplished. 
It is tough planning a wedding 250 miles away! 
Luckily, I am working with the best Bride & Groom. 
Of course, I am in no way biased. ;) 
When Isa first asked me to help plan her wedding in only 4 months I thought we had all lost our minds. 
But everything has gone surprisingly smooth.
We have yet to have any issues come up at all. 
Hopefully, the next week continues to be more of the same!


  1. Good luck with the rest of your preparations! I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful!

  2. Wow already? That's awesome! You're going to have a blast :)

  3. Wow, good luck with the wedding planning, I hope you have a fantastic day!