Wednesday, June 13, 2012

playing catch up

Since my unintended blog break,
Not much has changed in my life.
Still, I thought I would write an update post.

My big news is that
I finally found a job!
{insert a choir of angels here}

Source: via liz on Pinterest

I am still underemployed;
but I am super thankful!
I know a lot of people are hurting in the job department right now.
It is my first "grown up" job.
I have benefits, a retirement plan, paid sick/vacation days,
and all that good stuff.

Oh, and I have my very own office!!
Please ignore the mess in these pictures.
I did not feel like putting everything in place
just for these quickly taken pics.

I am waiting on the maintenance people to come
and hang all of my frames on my office walls
{that is what is in those boxes}
and then I will have to post pics
of my completely decorated office!

My roommates and I took a trip to
Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure.

The highlight of the trip was
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
It was just AMAZING!

If you are planning on going,
the early admission is totally worth the price.
We got into WWOHP an hour before the park opened.
My roommates and I actually rode one of the rides by ourselves.
I mean we were seriously the only 3 people on the ride!
How cool is that?!
To put that in perspective,
we went back at the end of the day,
because one of my friends wanted to go through
Hogwarts Castle again.
It was wall-to-wall people.
And the lines for all of the rides
were 3+ hours long.
Yeah, we did not go through the castle again.

I also
loved, loved, loved
If you have read my blog for any length of time
you know I am slightly obsessed with Dr. Seuss.
So, I naturally loved Seusslanding.

This part of the park is obviously geared more for children,
but I loved the architecture & decor.
They even had shrubbery shaped into various Seuss characters.
Just awesomesauce!

The roommates and I had a caricature drawn of the 3 of us.
The guy who drew it was super nice & funny!
I joked that he was going to make me look
like a chipmunk & of course, he did.
But it was a fun souvenir to have from the trip.
It now hangs in a place of honor in our living room!

I received a sewing machine for Christmas
and have been {slowly} teaching myself to sew. 
I have completed lots of throw pillows.
I have the sewing square things down pat!

I am also working on my very 1st quilt. 
It is a queen-size quilt.
Now that I am getting into it
I realize that starting out with a queen size
might have been a bad idea.
But "go big or go home" right?!
It took my roommates & I 5 hours to lay out the pattern.
They have threatened me with
bodily harm if I do not finish this quilt.

This post was longer than I thought it would be.
If you made it all the way through
You Are a Trooper!
So, that's is what has been happening in my life lately.

Anything new & exciting happening in your life?

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  1. You've been up to a lot of fun things!

    That's awesome you're making a quilt!