Monday, June 18, 2012

run like the wind

Last summer I started the C25k program.
I really like the idea of the program,
but I really did not have great results using it.

I just could never get the distance.
I could never actually run the full 3.2 miles straight through.
I did complete my first 5k,
but I did not run the entire time.

Between frustration with my progress
and the knees of an 80 year old
I just kind of gave up on running in November.
I was still walking everyday
but i was not even attempting to run anymore.

This past April
I bought a new pair of running shoes
and decided to attempt running again.
I decided not to try the C25k program again.

Instead, I just started running.
I would run until I stopped
and then I would walk the rest of the distance.
So, far this method is working for me.

I am consistently running 1.5 miles everyday!
I am still have not hit the 3.2 mile mark yet;
but I feel like I am making better progress than I did last year.

Do any of you runners out there have any running tips for me?


  1. I tried the C25k not too long ago - I did the first two weeks and then quit. It was great to get me out of the house and running, but like you - I prefer just running until I stop. I'm not training for any races or anything, just doing it because I enjoy it - so I don't care about time or distance. My only running tip is to bring some good music :)

  2. I just started "running" again. I've got a whole new set of hurdles to overcome this time around, but it's better than doing nothing (I keep telling myself as I limp on my way home!) :) Good for you for getting back out there!

  3. Wow that's good! Great job!

    I, too, have bad knees...and asthma. So running has never been my friend. I admire people who can do it though!