Monday, August 4, 2014

the one where i turn 30

Today is my 30th birthday! 

Since my no annual leave time at work started today, 
I celebrated this weekend. 
I think it should be against some sort of law to work on your birthday. ;) 

Here is a recap of the birthday weekend: 
cute birthday weekend mani

D took me to The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Savannah. 
I love all things military and airplanes ... win, win. 

The museum is a smaller one but it is just beautiful. 
The Mighty Eight Air Force was instrumental in WWII. 
It flew missions from London to Germany. 
The had a gorgeous chapel on the grounds made to look like the ones on the English countryside. 

And, of course, there were airplanes. 

The museum is right in our back yard and I had no idea the significance of the Mighty Eighth. 
If you are interested in history at all, 
it is definitely worth at least Googling. 

For lunch, I got Chipotle! 
Then we just went to several stores around Savannah. 
Our last stop was Coldstone Creamery. 
Ice cream is mandatory on a birthday trip. 
We also had to pick up my ice cream cake from Coldstone. 

Nothing really birthday related happened on Saturday. 
We went to a Couple's Shower for one of D's cousins that is getting married. 
We were supposed to swim all day but it was really rainy. 
{Not complaining though. 
I am the granddaughter of a farmer ... rain is ALWAYS a good thing.} 

D's put together a birthday lunch for me with his family. 
We had baked ham, Boston butt, baked beans, mac & cheese, bread pudding, 
and the Coldstone ice cream cake. 

Everything was so delicious. 
And I got a lot of really cute presents, 
including a super cute wine glass. 
Even though I do not drink wine, I put it to good use last night. 

We did get to go swimming for a quick minute. 
However, the water was freezing from the cloudy days, cool nights, and rain. 

After work, I get more presents from the Bestie! 
Then D is either cooking me supper at home or 
we will go out somewhere. 

Overall, turning 30 has been just like any other birthday 
and not bad at all. 
I am so blessed to have great friends and family. 

B Loved Boston


  1. Happy happy birthday! I totally agree that you should never have to work on it but I'm glad you got some good celebrating in!

  2. happy birthday girly! work should be outlawed for birthdays! that cake and ice cream look amazing though. yuummmm

  3. Happy birthday!!! With my job we could work an extra 20 minutes a day and then have one free day off each month and I always picked my birthday :)

  4. Looks like an awesome birthday weekend, I didn't mind the rain either it's always so relaxing.

  5. Happy birthday!!!! Looks like you had a pretty good weekend celebrating! I didn't (or did I? Lol...) realize you're bday is one day before mine. So I'm 364 days older than you lol! Welcome to 30 :)

    Thanks for linking up for MMG!

  6. happy belated birthday! hope you had a fab time celebrating. turning 30 is awesome ;)

    Vodka and Soda