Wednesday, July 30, 2014

fun confessions

for a couple of fun confessions. 

I am obsessed right now with Fruit Loops cereal WITH Marshmallows. 
Where was this stuff when I was a kid?!
I have seriously had this for supper more than once in the past couple of weeks. 

I turn 30 on Monday and it does not bother me one bit. 
All of my friends that have turned 30 
or are close to turning 30 are 
freaking the hell out. 
And I am over here like ...
what's so bad about 30. 
I guess my philosophy is that I cannot prevent turning 30 
why freak out about it. 
So, you know ... logic! 

This also means I get to eat Chipotle at some point this weekend ... and ice cream cake ... win,win!  
{Sorry Lauren} ;)

Have any of you freaked out when turning a certain age? 

And yes, I know these confessions have absolutely nothing to do with each other. 
I do have random in my blog name for a reason. 


  1. i turn 39 in december and i'm a little freaked about that. that's only 1 year away from the bit 4-0! :(

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. What?! Fruit Loops with Marshmallows?! Umm, WINNING!

  3. FUCK YES to someone else acknowledging the awesomeness that is FL w/ marshmallows. I'm not gonna lie, I saw that photo and knew we could be BFFs.

    There is no wrong time for Fruit Loops w/ marshmellows.. and it's so much better than Lucky Charms since you get fruit loops instead of nasty brown puffs of crap.

  4. ok i really love froot loops but i'm not a marshmallow girl. you can have my marshmallows.
    i havent freaked out about any age yet, when i turned 27 i was like 'shit, i'm not early-mid 20s anymore' and while 30 doesnt freak me out because like you said, cant stop it, it doesnt make me happy either because its one step closer to death lol. i'm so morbid.

  5. I freaked at 25 and I am pretty sure I will freak at 30 even though I know I can't change it, it's like I haven't accomplished what I wanted by a certain age which gets to me but it's so inspiring that you're so ok with it :)

  6. I also hate Froot Loops - can we still be friends? I will forgive your Chipotle trip since it IS your birthday. I will be 30 in the fall and I am a little unhappy about it. Show me how it's done and tell me not to worry!

  7. Froot loops and marshmallows? How did I now know about this before now?!? I freaked out when I turned 20 (for some reason, I considered that OLD!) but 30 was no big deal.