Monday, July 7, 2014

apartment tour -- library & bedroom

Part two of my apartment tour is my library & bedroom. 
You can see Part One here

The library is my FAVORITE room in my apartment. 
When I was apartment searching, 
two bedrooms was one of the only requirements. 
I have to have a space for all of my books. 
The library is also the office, craft room, & music room. 
I am slowly learning to play the piano and 
D keeps a guitar there as well. 

On to the pictures: 
Library ... 

One of my favorite parts of the library is my gallery wall. 
My best friend, Ams, is an incredibly talented artist. 
{previously gushed about here
She has sketched a ton of my Dr. Seuss books. 
So, I framed a few of my favorites and created a gallery wall. 
It turned out amazing! 

click on the picture for better detail

click on the picture for better detail

click on the picture for better detail

My bedroom is the one room that needs the most work decor wise. 
I just don't even know what to do in this room. 

Bedroom ... 

I wish I would have gotten better pictures of this.
I turned a desk into a vanity, where I do my hair & makeup. 

I think I need more scarves ;) 

There you have it, 
my apartment. 
It is small and cozy 
and I love it! 
The big open living area makes it great for entertaining. 
Well, my kind of entertaining which means no more than six people allowed. 
I have already warned D that I will never want to move again. 

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  1. I love that you have a space for your hobbies! Good call on the vanity - I was doing my makeup at a desk in the hotel this weekend and thought hmmmm, I totally get vanities now. I will find a way to have one in our next house!

  2. you had me at library. i would love a library! we have bookshelves scattered all over the house, i wish i could dedicate one room to a library but i love having them out where people can see them. sigh, books. my fave! also i have a scarves hoarding problem, no judgement.

  3. I actually gasped at that first picture of your library - I love it! All that space for books looks heavenly, and I love the gallery wall, what a cool idea!

  4. I love that large bookshelf that you have!

  5. Wow...not THAT is a library. Sooo crushin on that room hard! I'm a huge book nerd but hardly ever buy any. The library is my best friend haha. Thanks for joinin up with the club!