Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i ♥ my bestie!

My best friend is super talented!
As she says, she dabbles in painting and drawing.
However, she does way more than dabble.
Right now, she is sketching her way through my Doctor Seuss books.
I am definitely going to frame several of them to hang in our library!

I have been badgering asking her for years to paint me something to hang above my bed.
Consistently her answer was, "no, I am not good enough."
She finally caved!
Yeah I have awesome powers of persuasion ;)

She threatened death if I shared the finished product on my blog.
So, if this is my last know why!

My ACS original:

And this is some of her other work!
She is going to think of a VERY creative way to kill me.

BTW, it is difficult to take a good photograph of a picture.


  1. First off, that painting is quite lovely! Simple in concept, but I can tell ya there's no WAY I'd ever be able to do that!

    Secondly, the sketches? A-MA-ZING! I could that if I traced them! :)

    What a talent she has! I hope more people get to be the benefactors of her wonderful gift!

  2. Um, wow! She is so incredibly talented! Every single one of those just blows me out of my seat!

  3. The painting is beautiful and I would so buy that if I saw it in a store! I can't say enough about the Dr. Seuss paintings and drawings! Pure God given talent!! :)

  4. I LOVE that painting above your bed! I hope she is selling her work somewhere! I would buy something for sure!