Tuesday, January 25, 2011

extreme couponing


One of my friends talked me into going to a couponing workshop at the university last night. 
I am glad she did because I actually learned a lot of ways to save money!
And who doesn't want to save money?!
Here is my bullet point version of the session.
  • Learn sales cycles and stock up
  • The bigger the city the better the coupons in the Sunday paper
  • Focus on BOGO coupons/sales
  • Use highest value coupons first
  • Have an organization system
  • Many grocery stores will double your coupons
  • You can use both a manufacturer's coupon & store coupon together
  • Great sites for printable coupons:
  • smartsource.com; redplum.com; coupons.com
This list does not even scratch the surface.
I am still processing the majority of the info.
There was a TON of information packed into 2.5 hours.
I swear some of it sounded like Jedi mind tricks!
It is actually possible to walk into a store, purchase what you need, and not actually pay anything AT ALL!

Everybody should definitely check out the Southern Savers website here.


On another note, Holly over at A Few of My Favorite Things is hosting a fabulous giveaway!
So, make sure you go check it out.

Also, thanks so much for all of the kind comments yesterday!
The day ended much better than it started :)


  1. LOVE saving money!! Thanks for the info! Also, thanks so much for blogging about my Giveaway!! :)

  2. I wish I was a coupon clipper, but it just seems like too much work and exacting science to figure it all out! Although, knowing that you can mix store and mfr. coupons is pretty stinkin' cool. But see, we shop generic/sales 90% of the time anyway. Coupons are usually for name brand items that, with a coupon, are about the same as the generic price. Unless of course you do stores with double coupons, which tend to fall on certain days/times. See what I mean? It's probably just me over-complicating it! :)

    That sunset picture is BEAUTIFUL. Did you do the vignette in Lightroom? How is that going?

  3. I'm a coupon clipper, though we don't seem to have the coupons here in Canada that you guys do! I watched "Extreme Couponing" on TLC a few weeks ago and I was blown away!

  4. *sigh* I really need to buckle down and start couponing. I'm going to check out that website now. Thanks for sharing.

    Glad to hear your day yesterday got better.

  5. My fave grocery store, Publix, has the best BOGO deals!