Monday, January 17, 2011

golden globes fashion

Did anyone else think this year's show was just boring?
Luckily, I dvr'd it so I just fast-forwarded to see who won. 
However, there were some great dresses!
Here are my favorites of the night.

What was your favorite look of the night?


  1. I only watched what amounted to about 10 minutes of the show. When Annette Benning won, I tuned out. I'm just a little tired of Hollywood forcing homosexuality and frankly, sexual perversion (No Strings Attached & there's another one about swapping spouses for a week), into the American mind with all the movies that are out lately.

    I did watch the red carpet arrivals and will agree with you on two of your dress picks - Eva Longoria and Claire Danes. I also like Lea Michele's dress. Pretty and ruffly!

  2. I loved Claire and Olivia Wilde!

  3. The last one is beautiful! I didnt watch any of it sadly, but am chuffed for colin firth and natalie portman!

  4. Oh thank goodness someone did a post on the Golden Globes, I completely forgot it was on. I love Natalie Portman's dress!